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For the sake of quick checking, this category exists. Items in this category are either outdated, or require an overhaul. The better question is, what isn't outdated on this wiki?

Completed Log

Pages that are currently up to date by my sweep V4 --Spotty McBumble Fuck (talk) 06:54, 1 September 2021 (UTC)
Akira-RaikouAlderAnonArtsBarbera Dieselbrainbirbsbk!Bluebird42BuntcakeCheshire/CheshireCatSmile37DCLzexonDootsehrrrFenoxoFleepflorgenstow/florgenstow420FranksFreed85Gamer4125GothPastelhafruinedHoneyponyHugsAlrightJayBeeJayoJojociteKinathisKupocunKurbleKurokoLeomaxLuxuriassMandragorraMeribelMoiraMorgoreNyahPink PalookaQuestyRoboRait Visual WorksRattlePoolRohezkrotundityRuningman69SatyrSatyrSerrated SeatShadefalconSoAndSoSquirrelwagonstrawberry teaStrayParadoxSulcateSunnaToonNikUprightBlueWaru-Geliwaowxtatoto
Authors (outdated)
AlypiaBBalak KnightfangBubbleLordGardefordSavinSKoW/SomeKindofWizardThe ObserverWsan
Bad Ends
Jyrranaz's Eternal UnderstudyGooslut Bad End
Avanai Rider&RocDemon Cultists(Cultist BarghestCultist DemontaurCultist PsionCultist Temptress) • Glacial Rift Selkies(Selkie SongstressSelkie Huntress) • Glacial Rift Siorcanna(Siorcanna AlphaSiorcanna ShamanSiorcanna Hunter) • Glacial Rift Jotuns(Jotun FemaleJotun Male) • Honey GolemJyrranazWraith Chimera
Game Mechanics
CurrencyDreamwalkersGift For A QueenSpirits and GhostsOrder AstridaTaelia's TalonsThe Old CountryTronarii
I’ll Make a Man Out of YouLarge is Justice
AvanaiBatfolkBoreal ElvesCatfolkCentaursDryadsFusataGnollsGoblinsHarpiesJotunsKitsuneLeothransLupinesManticoresMarefolkMeciansMinotaursMothfolkOrcsSalamandersSelkiesSheepfolkSlimesTaeleerTanukiVepariiVesparansVulperinesWyld ElvesWyverns
Ashen LeafBaad CloverBelharan StewBimbo BrewBlackened HerbBovum SherryBrute BeetCackle BerryCarrot CumpcakeCatnip TeaCat's Tongue BerryCinderleafDiscolored EggDouble PepperEggs(Gold EggBlue Egg(Blue Potion) • Pink Egg(Pink Potion) • Purple EggTan Egg) • FrostleafFox BerryGaia LeafletsGlitter DustGlowing Ice ShardGrottatoHornet StingIce RoseIncubus CumKnotted PepperLeothran HerbLycanthornManticore NipMare's BarleyMilk CandyMilk TeaMinoblood WinePink TruffleRing PeachRoot of ManScale SalveShort Stack StewSiorc BulbsSpider SilkSuccubus MilkTainted CloverTitan's Tangy TeaTwisted ReedUrsus BulbVirility BoosterWild ChicoryWolfsboonWyld Wine

Image Sizeing Self-Note

CG (Character Page) 400px
CG (Author Page) 350px
CG (CGs Page) 350px
Full Body 1000 x 1000
Bust 900 x 900
Headshot 500 x 500
CGs Unmodified
Other Art Unmodified (else max 3500 x 3500 i think)

Task List [17/08/2021] [Scrapped]

Current Task List
--Spotty McBumble Fuck (talk)
09:47, 17 August 2021 (UTC)
Next Next Next Eventually

Task List [04/07/2022]

I have returned from death --Spotty McBumble Fuck (talk) 02:52, 4 July 2022 (UTC)

Current Tasks Next Wave Planned 3rd Wave Important Roaming Backburner
  • I have no idea on what specifically
  • Authors
  • Check Everything for changes
  • Update CGs
  • Update Race->Character Headshots
  • Update TFs
  • Update Authors
  • Create and Remake Maps
  • Find a way to optimize/reduce image loading especially for the main artists page
  • Main Tabbers
  • An Actual Custom UI
  • Update the Stats Explanation Image
  • Change Main Page Format
  • Better & Expanded Infoboxes
  • Better Category sorting for updated and outdated content
    • probably something along the line of progress bar + Page Stats: X categories or something
  • Optimize internal coding
  • Fix FAQ
    • Add that if interactables and images don't load - check browser permissions to see if images are allowed


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