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  • Veparii Codex Entry


Name: Veparus, Veparii.

Sexes: Male, female.

Height: Ranges from 6'0" (183cm) or 12'0" (366cm) end to end to 9'0" (274cm) or 16'0" (488cm) end to end.

Weight: Ranges from roughly 350lb to 900lb (159kg to 408kg).

Hair: Black, brown, gray, white.

Eyes: Blue, amber, green, brown, purple.

Lifespan: 120-130 years.

Maturity: 25 years.


Veparii are by and large hunters that inhabit mildly cold territories, preferring to remain in temperatures not outright hostile. They have some tufts of fur around their wrists and a bigger one in the center of their chests to help insulate against the worst of the chill and aid in circulation. Their usual environments tend to be snowy and as such, their scale and fur coloration ranges from white to various shades of gray.

The Veparus travels by way of slithering — their humanoid upper bodies are conjoined to that of an enormous snake, and as predatory hunters they are capable of surprising rapidity when the need strikes. Their heights and weights tend to vary enormously depending on the individual and the season. The heaviest Veparus ever recorded was a village chieftain right before his seasonal hibernation at 903lb.

Though they habitually hibernate through the deepening of winter, they are capable of staving it off — though not without struggle. They are prone to insomnia and narcolepsy both should they maintain their wakefulness for too long. When they eventually fall asleep in such a situation it is likely they will not rise for several days, making it a very dangerous prospect to be alone in such circumstances.


The male Veparii possess a singular reptilian penis between eight and twelve inches long, in contrast to the hemipenes of many similar races. Mating occurs at any convenience — Veparii are not bound by estrus cycles or the like, and as such breeding is a possibility at any given time. It is not unheard of for a female Veparus to give birth during hibernation as a result.

Adult female Veparii are generally very choosy about their partners owing to the race's territorial nature, and fights for the right to mate one — between the males and the female — are common. They have a human vagina right before their skin melds into their scales lower halves, enabling frontal penetration. A usual litter of children is anywhere between one and four, with childcare being taken care of by the mother. Veparii give birth to live young, with each pregnancy lasting 10 months.


The roots of the Veparus are unknown but most scholars suspect they are a branch species sharing a common ancestor with other nagas, adapting to a new, colder environment over time until the blood link was broken. It is unknown whether they can interbreed. The Veparii do not have their own alphabet but have shown no problems in learning that of another's culture — they are proficient learners, as is necessary for predators.

A wild theory, oft-criticized by experts in the field, is that Veparii are a creation of Nareva, the goddess of secrets herself, pointing to their talent in arcanery and magic as proof. In truth, their roots are somewhat of a mystery. Asking a Veparus themselves is likely to result in an indifferent shrug.

Society & Culture

From birth a Veparus is incapable for the first few years, with the mother and father protecting them until they're old enough to hunt. When adulthood comes the family tends to break apart, with the children leaving to find territory of their own and the parents seeking new mates. The more civilized of Veparii seem to have no problems with remaining together with their mates as they age, however.

Both males and females are excellent hunters in their own rights, utilizing whatever weapons they fashion from the land or buy from traders. They usually hunt large animals owing to their dietary needs, such is their size.

As a mostly solitary race, it is not uncommon for individuals to find some measure of comfort in accompanying travellers through their territory or as mercenaries.

Codex Acquisition

Only one of the conditions below must be met to unlock the Veparii Codex entry:

  • Investigate the Frosty Hollow that leads to Vatia

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