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Manticores are an extremely tall and universally feminine race of arrogant amazons that seem to have at the same time features of a great cat, a scorpion, a bat, and a human female. Each towers above most races and their sexual dichotomy exists solely of females and hermaphrodites. While possessing humanoid upper torsos and upper extremeties, the similarity ends there. Their oversized forearms and lower legs are covered in thick layers of fur, their hands and feet adorned with supple leathery pads, and where fingertips and toes should be, there are instead deadly daggerlike retractable claws that make a distinctive "snikt" sound when splayed.

Gameplay Attributes

Affinities: Strength, Cunning, and Presence

Physical Attributes

Sexes: Female and Hermaphrodite

Height Range: 7'(84in.) to 9'(108in.)

Hair Colors: Red or White-Pink

Eye Colors: Gold, Pink, Red, Yellow

Skin Colors: Fair or Tan

Cock Size: ???

Tit Size: ???



Manticore Nip