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Creator Gardeford
Species Centaur
Gender Female
Occupation Centaur Princess
Location Harvest Valley

EDITOR NOTE - Page is currently outdated, reworks coming soon.


Ahmri is the daughter of chief Taldahs, leader of the centaur tribe located in Harvest Valley.


The centaur chieftain's daughter smiles brightly, and has barely stopped since she started hanging out in your camps. Her icy-blonde hair is done up in a crown braid, perfectly accentuating the sun kissed tan of her skin. Bright blue eyes view the plains with abject curiosity, approaching every new experience with eager delight. The exhaustion of her flight seems to be running in reverse.

Now that she's no longer on the run, Ahmri has traded her undersized chestplate for a better fitting summer dress that looks equally out of place in the brisk valley air. Better is a bit of a misnomer, because she still spills out of the top with naive ignorance. If the cold bothers her at all it doesn't show in the slightest, with even her puffy nipples resisting the breeze's best efforts. The busty centaur could easily fill a DDD cup bra, if she were to wear one. Surprisingly, her bust doesn't strain too hard against the dress. Instead, it opts to flood out the open sides.

The dress ends just above the bottom of her chubby belly, not quite making it to the transition point of her tauric lower half. She opts to leave her barding off while she sits around your camp, showing off her fluffy white hair. You occasionally see her run her fingers over her forelegs, using the softness to relax when she gets too overexcited.


  • Talk
  • Cuddle - (Between 20:00 - 06:00)
  • Sex


  • Titfuck - Ask Ahmri if she'd like to get some more boobjob experience.
  • CuddleBate - Ask Ahmri if she wants another go at jilling you off.
  • Eat Out - See if Ahmri would like to be on the receiving end of some tongue-fucking.
  • Blowjob - The centauress seemed to like the taste of your cum, maybe you can give her some more now. Why wait?
    • OK - The wait will make it all the sweeter. Assure her that you'll save her people and then give her all the experience she desires. (This removes Blowjob and Teasing from the Sex Menu)
    • Convince - Talk Ahmri into sex now. It's obvious she wants it, and it's not like you won't solve her problems anyway.
      • Swallow - Give the centaur her reward directly.
      • Facial - Give the centaur a coating of cum to lick up.
  • Teasing - Grind on the shy centaur's back and tease her human half. Why wait till you deal with the base when you're here now.
    • OK
    • Convince
      • Clean Her
      • Clean You


Harboring a Fugitive