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Arona Clothed.png
Arona's bust, by DCL
Creator Savin
Full name Arona Kervus
Species Orc
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation Raider
Family Argoth (Older Brother), Hretha (Older Sister)
Nationality Coastal Islands


Arona is an orc warrior of the Kervus tribe, first encountered as an enemy while exploring the Foothills region. She will eventually join as a companion once the player assists her with her plot to overthrow her brother, Chief Argoth


Arona is a mighty orcish warrior, seven feet and ten inches of chiseled muscle and toned, dark green flesh. Like any orcess, she sports a pair of small tusks jutting up from her lower jaw, peeking out from her hard black lips, and slightly tapered ears that are pierced with rows of gold studs along their upper halves. Despite the dusky hardness of her body, Arona's eyes are a brilliant blue, full of more cunning than her battle-forged physique would belie. Her hair is black as sin and naturally thick and shaggy, though it has been shaved down on either side, leaving a hawk of trimmed hair that transitions into a long braid down her back.

Despite her powerful muscles, Arona's femininity is beyond question: a pair of weighty DD-cups breasts sit high on her chest, only just held back by the tight embrace of her hide-and-leather top, though even with its fur lining, her outfit leaves plenty of enticing cleavage open to your perusal. Her nipples are as black as her lips, broad plates of midnight each pierced with silver bars, keeping them stiff no matter her arousal. Beneath her bountiful amazonian bust is a toned, hard chest and softer belly that shows just a hint of chiseled muscle as it transitions into her flared hips.

Her lower chest bears a set of claw-mark tattoos, three sharp savage lines under each breast. Her upper arms are likewise adorned with swirling, softer patterns. A wolf's head bearing a pair of antler-like horns is inked onto her left shoulder, a mark of her clan; the other is patterned with interwoven circles.

{Wearing Arona's Warstraps: Arona's outfit is as eye-catching as its wielder, meant to emphasize the orc's hard-won assets more than to protect her in battle. Her ample chest is supported and contained by a tight wrap of hide and leather, lined with grey fur and held together by a straining bronze clasp suspended between her breasts. It leaves her belly and upper arms completely bare, as if her tattoos and muscle alone are enough to shield her from harm.

Her forearms and hands are wrapped in hide gauntlets reinforced with crude metal plates, stained with dried blood and rust. Similar greaves gird her legs, up to the knee, where they once again give way to her thick, muscular thighs and then into a pair of beast-hide shorts that hug her hips snugly. The garment rides up her ass, leaving half of each firm cheek exposed, but the real eye-draw is the thick bulge between her legs.

She's carrying an over-sized warhammer slung on her back, looking more like the weapon of an angry storm-god than something a humanoid should be swinging. Yet she handles the massive weapon with ease, making it seem feather-light... until she crashes it into someone with ground-shaking force. A chipped and battered wooden shield complements the grand hammer, bearing the demon-wolf sigil of her clan painted in shades of blood and sable-red.

Arona might have been a full-bodied woman once, if the black-lipped and vice-strong pussy between her legs is any indication, but through some orcish witchcraft, she's become so much more. A pole of dark green cock hangs down from above her twat like an overt challenge to any other would-be man in the room, easily twelve inches long and thick as a halberd's haft. Below that magnificent slab of meat hang a pair of weighty balls, swollen with potent orcish seed and dangling low beneath her cock. The bulk of her nuts all but conceals her feminine sex, as if it's nothing to her now that she can breed like a virile stud.

Opposite that, Arona has a toned, firm behind. Her shallow cheeks conceal a cock-draining asshole, right where it belongs.


Arona is first met as an enemy, accompanied by a mix of Orc Amazons and Orc Executioners -- an all-female band following their futa leader in search of plunder and booty.


Arona isn't currently interested in talking, though she can be interrogated as to the location of the orcish warcamp.