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Arona Clothed.png
Full Bust of Arona by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Orc
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation War-Captain
Warchief (post Right of Conquest not ambushed)
Height 7'10"
Cock Size 12"
Bust Size DD
Family Argoth (older brother)
Hretha (older sister)
Religion Lumian
Faction Kervus Tribe
Ex-Kervus Tribe (post Right of Conquest ambushed)
Location Foothills (North and West)
Kervus Warcamp
Level 3
Health 200
Resolve 100
"I am Arona, war-captain of the Kervus tribe. And today, you're our latest catch! Why don't you tell them what Kervus huntresses do to our prey, girls?"

One of the armored amazons beside her steps forward, cracking her leather-wrapped knuckles. "Beat 'em down until they can't stand no more."

"Then ride their faces till they're drowning in pussy juice," another adds eagerly, one hand on the dagger at her belt and the other tracing over the dented metal loincloth barely concealing her sex. "While you fuck 'em senseless, chief. Of course we can't forget the best part."

"And then we take everything they've got for good measure," a third concludes, resting her axe on her shoulder and giving a haughty chuckle. "Seed and coin, we'll have it all!"

"Damn right," Arona smirks, releasing her subordinate's butt and folding her hands back onto the haft of her titanic hammer. "This is the part where most raiders would tell you to drop your weapons and toss your coin over... but I like to get warmed up before I fuck, so go ahead and try to defend yourselves. Pounding you down with this hammer's the best way to get the blood up before I pound your ass full."

Arona is the youngest sibling to the Kervus Tribe's leadership of Argoth, the warchief and Hretha, the orcale. While raiding the Foothills, she travels with an all-female warband that will loot and pillage anything they come across. Arona's personality is quite aggressive, although based on her interactions with the Champion, she may treat them a bit differently than others. It's mentioned by Hretha that she is the one responsible for giving Arona a cock, at Arona's request. Her companion tags note her as Aggressive.

"Yeah, I'm responsible for that. She had a few boys here and there, but nine out of ten times I'd hear her across the fort with someone, it'd be another woman. When Arona won the grand melee at the tribe's year-end festival, earning herself the right to ask anything of the chief, I already had done the research to give her what she'd inevitably ask for. Only boon she ever asked of me and Argoth both, as far as I recall. Even when she was little, she wanted to do everything for herself. Cook, stitch, build... and when she realized what would make her complete was a throbbing big cock 'tween her legs, she went and won the biggest fight on the island for the right to claim it as her due."
Companion content for Arona is planned, however said content is not yet available


Arona is a mighty orcish warrior, seven feet and ten inches of chiseled muscle and toned, dark green flesh. Like any orcess, she sports a pair of small tusks jutting up from her lower jaw, peeking out from her hard black lips, and slightly tapered ears that are pierced with rows of gold studs along their upper halves. Despite the dusky hardness of her body, Arona's eyes are a brilliant blue, full of more cunning than her battle-forged physique would belie. Her hair is black as sin and naturally thick and shaggy, though it has been shaved down on either side, leaving a hawk of trimmed hair that transitions into a long braid down her back. Despite her powerful muscles, Arona's femininity is beyond question: a pair of weighty DD-cups breasts sit high on her chest, only just held back by the tight embrace of her hide-and-leather top, though even with its fur lining, her outfit leaves plenty of enticing cleavage open to your perusal. Her nipples are as black as her lips, broad plates of midnight each pierced with silver bars, keeping them stiff no matter her arousal. Beneath her bountiful amazonian bust is a toned, hard chest and softer belly that shows just a hint of chiseled muscle as it transitions into her flared hips.

Her lower chest bears a set of claw-mark tattoos, three sharp savage lines under each breast. Her upper arms are likewise adorned with swirling, softer patterns. A wolf's head bearing a pair of antler-like horns is inked onto her left shoulder, a mark of her clan; the other is patterned with interwoven circles.

Arona's outfit is as eye-catching as its wielder, meant to emphasize the orc's hard-won assets more than to protect her in battle. Her ample chest is supported and contained by a tight wrap of hide and leather, lined with grey fur and held together by a straining bronze clasp suspended between her breasts. It leaves her belly and upper arms completely bare, as if her tattoos and muscle alone are enough to shield her from harm.

Her forearms and hands are wrapped in hide gauntlets reinforced with crude metal plates, stained with dried blood and rust. Similar greaves gird her legs, up to the knee, where they once again give way to her thick, muscular thighs and then into a pair of beast-hide shorts that hug her hips snugly. The garment rides up her ass, leaving half of each firm cheek exposed, but the real eye-draw is the thick bulge between her legs.

She's carrying an over-sized warhammer slung on her back, looking more like the weapon of an angry storm-god than something a humanoid should be swinging. Yet she handles the massive weapon with ease, making it seem feather-light... until she crashes it into someone with ground-shaking force. A chipped and battered wooden shield complements the grand hammer, bearing the demon-wolf sigil of her clan painted in shades of blood and sable-red.

Arona might have been a full-bodied woman once, if the black-lipped and vice-strong pussy between her legs is any indication, but through some orcish witchcraft, she's become so much more. A pole of dark green cock hangs down from above her twat like an overt challenge to any other would-be man in the room, easily twelve inches long and thick as a halberd's haft. Below that magnificent slab of meat hang a pair of weighty balls, swollen with potent orcish seed and dangling low beneath her cock. The bulk of her nuts all but conceals her feminine sex, as if it's nothing to her now that she can breed like a virile stud.

Opposite that, Arona has a toned, firm behind. Her shallow cheeks conceal a cock-draining asshole, right where it belongs.


First Encounter

The Champion can encounter Arona and her all-female orc warband at the Foothills (North and West) when they're at least level 3. Upon encountering Arona, she will state that unlike most raiders who will demand their opponents to surrender, she likes to get warmed up before she'll fuck them.

Subsequent Encounters

Encountering the orcish war-party again will always result in an immediate fight, however based on Arona's Dominant/Submissive score, when she locks eyes with the Champion, her gaze will vary; from cool, easy confidence [<= -100] to unabashed, shameless lust [>= 76].

If the Champion had gotten Arona's HP or Resolve below 50% but was defeated, she will remark that it was a good fight and that she's definitely hard after it. If not, she will mock that the Champion came to the Foothills to get pounced on for a good time by some harpies or if they were hoping a big, strong orc babe would come and give them a good beating. The Champion will also be robbed of 11 to 30 EC.

Interrogating Arona will reveal that the tribe is simply in the Marches to loot and pillage, the same as any other orc tribe, but the Champion brings up that half the people in Hawkethorne couldn't scrape two silvers together and that it's the only real town for miles, unless the Kervus plan on battering down the gates of Khor'Minos. She will simply shrug and state that it's her brother's plan, his rumor, his tribe, and she was perfectly content to kick around and beat down harpies for cocksleeves until the Champion came along. If the Champion has not found the location of the warcamp yet, she will point the Champion to the hills at the north-east.

Once Arona's Dominant/Submissive score has reached -100 or 100, a new scene will play the next time they encounter her.

Dominant Arona
Should Arona be dominant (score of -100), the next time the Champion encounters Arona, she will be alone. She will state that the Champion is quite difficult to track down, however, she's got their scent which causes her to give them a deep sniff. She remarks that they smells like her cum, which brings her to question if they bathe. Although cuts to the chase by stating that although she might be able to put them over her knee if she wanted, they're still the best fighter she's met since the tribe made landfall. She plans to challenge her brother, Argoth for control of the tribe, however, he will cheat once she starts winning, so she needs the extra muscle considering she can't trust anyone in the tribe to not fuck her over. The following options are available for the Champion to decide on what to do:
  • Sure - That sounds... pretty great. What can you do?
  • Hell No - Wait she can't just sign you up for this, you're not her slave... yet.
  • Get Off! (will result in a fight)
  • Sorry! - When she puts it like that... you really don't have much room to maneuver here.
Should the Champion refuse to aid her and attempt to back out, she will attack the Champion and should they lose, it will result in a Bad End. If the Champion were to win, Arona will jest that where had this side of the Champion been all this time and states that she still needs their help, but this time as partners. The Champion tells her that they'll think about her deal, causing her shrug and state that they've earned the right to choose before heading off.
Submissive Arona
Should Arona be submissive (score of 100), the next time the Champion encounters Arona, she will be alone, putting a hand up in a sign of peace. She will explain that for once she's not here to fight, that she's met her match and that she loves it, because its given her a new bar to rise to, a new goal to train for till she can beat them. However she's here to discuss about a mutually beneficial agreement; that Hawkethorne wants the Kervus gone and that Arona wants to go, however, her brother refuses to move and won't explain himself. She's got it in her mind to challenge her brother for leadership and she needs someone to watch her back when Argoth starts losing. She proposes that if they back her up when she challenges her brother, she'll get the tribe out of the Marches.

Dominant or Submissive

As the Champion continues to fight against Arona and her warband, certain factors will influence her attitude towards the Champion on whether she will act dominant or submissive towards them. This attitude will determine how she treats them and unique options with Arona. Note that the score will initially start out at 0 and the score will not change once they hit the upper or lower limit (100 or -100).

Dominant (-100)
Scene Change
Defeat Gangbang -25
Defeat NTR -25
Defeat Catch -25
Submissive (100)
Scene Change
Interrogate +10
Ride +15
BendHerOver +15
  • Breed Orcs
    • LetHerFinish
  • Breed Orcs
    • Help Her
  • Breed Orcs
    • Fuck Her
BrintFuckHer +15

Challenge for Leadership

Having gone through the majority of events for Right of Conquest, once they have reached the Orc Pavilion, they will see Arona with Hretha, who's anointing Arona's cheeks and face with war paint as she stands ready to challenge her brother. The Champion will have two options once the two are about to face off:

  • Hide&Watch - This is what Arona brought you here for, right: to watch just in case her brother does something fishy?
  • Ambush Argoth - Well, this is what Arona brought you here for, right: to jump her brother and make sure she wins?
Ambush Argoth

Ambushing Argoth will incur the wrath of the gathered orcs as Argoth declares that his sister plans to assassinate him. Arona will be forced to join the Champion in a battle against the Chief & Goons; consisting of Chief Argoth, the Orc Thane, and an endless wave of orcs. If the Champion loses the fight, it will result in a Bad End in which Argoth will exile his sister and enslave the Champion's party for the Kervus Tribe. Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the Champion's interference, he will remain the warchief and Arona will be exiled for violating ancient tradition. This will greatly anger Arona but she will straighten up and declare that she doesn't need the Kervus. When asked what she'll do now, she asks if there's a tavern in Hawkethorne because she can't make important decisions sober. The Champion will have the following options on how to respond:

  • Nope - There's no tavern in Hawkethorne. She'll have to go somewhere else... and hopefully not come back.
  • Yes - There's a great little drinking hole waiting for her. Arona will no doubt be amenable to recruitment after this.

Lying to Arona will have her take a deep breath, say her goodbyes and march off into a dark canyon beneath the shadow of the warcamp, most likely the Champion will never see her again.

Telling her about The Frost Hound will have her move to the tavern. "Then it's settled! To the Fuck Hound or whatever!"

Note that Arona companion content and Arona content past this path is not yet available

Choosing to hide and watch will allow the duel to proceed, in which Arona manages to split and snap Argoth's weapon, and send him staggering to his throne. Unwilling to accept his defeat, he will call upon the surrounding warriors to interfere, however, they don't make a move, which causes Argoth to yank a chain that brings Benny, a massive hill troll, into the Orc Pavilion. After being struck by Benny, Arona will call upon the Champion to aid her, to which they may choose to Fight! or Leave. Choosing to leave will result in Benny causing absolute chaos as the orc leadership is demolished, the fates of the orc siblings unknown, but it won't matter. Deciding to fight and aid Arona will pit them against Benny and Argoth.

When the Bang Bros have been defeated, the warriors will howl in approval for Arona as their new warchief. Hretha will inform her sister that she must decide what to do with their brother after having been utterly shamed. If Arona is submissive, she'll offer the Champion a piece of her brother before she exiles him back to the southern islands. Regardless of their decision, a pair of Kervus warriors drag the fallen chieftain out of the pavilion, with Hretha and Gerik following to chase the fallen chieftain off. With Arona now in power, she'll want to celebrate her victory and new title as warchief. (see sex options below)

Arona as Warchief

With Arona as the new warchief, the Champion will be allowed to enter and leave the Kervus Warcamp as they see fit. Arona can be found at great pavillion tent where she will be lounging lazily upon her throne with one leg kicked up over an armrest.

Note that Arona content past this path is not yet available


Arona's Orc Warband consists of:


Attack Power: 24 Spellpower: 21
Sexiness: 24 Temptation: 8
Armor: 73 Physical Resist: 32
Warding: 43 Magic Resist: 13
Focus: 32 Mental Resist: 12
Evasion: 29 Frost Resist: -20

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks



  • 100 XP
  • 60 EC


Victory Sex Options:

  • Interrogate - Rather than doing what she'd have done to you, try and get some actual
    information out of the orcish war-captain. What the hell are they doing all the way out here?
    (not a sex option)
  • Ride - Take the hermaphrodite leader's big, fat cock for a ride!
  • BendHerOver - Shove the haughty orc onto her hands
    and knees and plow her hard from behind. (requires a cock)
  • Breed Orcs - Get these orcish sluts on the ground and fuck them full of your seed.
    (requires a cock and a Cum Quantity >= 500 or Libido >= 33)
    • LetHerFinish - Do the orcess a solid and let her finish herself off.
    • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her...
      (Arona Submissive score < 0 or Champion is Bimbo)
    • Fuck Her - No getting off without your say-so.
      Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
  • BrintFuckHer - Let loose your minotaur stud on Arona while you watch.
    (Brint must be present) (Written by Wsan)

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Defeat NTR
    (must have a companion, 20% chance and Arona's HP & Resolve must be >= 80%)
  • Defeat Gangbang
    (if: Arona's HP & Resolve must at be >= 50% [33% chance], else: 20% chance)
  • Defeat Catch

Having defeated Argoth through the Hide&Watch path, the following options will be available if Arona is submissive:

  • Throne Blow - Give Arona a regal blowjob. (default scene if Arona is dominant)
  • Ride Cock - She shouldn't be the only one riding that throne...
  • Pound Pussy - Take Arona's throne from her and make her sit on your dick. (requires a cock)
  • Frot N Lick - Frot with Arona while Cait sucks you both off. (requires a cock and Cait)


Condition Dream
  • Must have a Cock
  • Has met Arona
Arona Wrestling Match
(written by The Observer)
  • Arona Dominant/Submissive score < 0
Arona Cumslut Dream
(written by Savin)

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

After learning of the Kervus Tribe's presence in the Marches and the location warcamp, the Champion will need to keep sparring with her and cement their dominance (or submission) in order to get her help.


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