Attitude Adjustment

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Attitude Adjustment
Creator BubbleLord
Quest Giver Champion
Requirements Atugia Recruited
Quin Recruited
Quin Relationship Score High
Quest Type Companion Quest
Reward Unlocks Hopknight Set for Quintillus
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"You know, [], I have to admit that I knew Atugia said I could do it.. but it wasn't until you said you thought I could that I took it seriously. It feels so refreshing not relying on my old magic and the cult's teachings to fight! I mean, it can be effective to use that stuff but my magic is better on its own than theirs. You helped me see that these last few days and I wanted to thank you for that."

Attitude Adjustment is a quest in which you team up with Atugia to encourage Quintillus to push himself and develop new combat skills.

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Once your relationship score with Quintillus is high enough Quin is getting along with you well enough, but his role in battle could be more.. practical. Given he uses a shield and Atugia is the best one at using armor, maybe you can convince the taeleer to train under the redhead. If he agrees, the gym should provide ample space to get him up-to-speed. The two of them get along well enough. You think.
1 Speak with Atugia and then Quin Quin agreed but he thinks you aren't serious: you'll need to foot the bill and have him custom-fitted over at Ogrish's shop. The taeleer mentioned he'll need 500 hawks to pay for the whole thing. If you're serious, you'd better show him just how deep your pockets go. Once you're ready, go with Quintillus to get the fitting done.
2 Give Quin the electrum for the armor You paid for the armor. Ogrish will need a day to get everything ready. In the meantime, you should continue adventuring and taking care of whatever you need to do. Once Quintillus and Atugia start training, you'll probably have your hands full helping out.
3 Wait a day for the armor to be finished You've picked up Quin's heavy armor. Time to deliver it to him in the Frosthound so he can start his training. You will be busy for a few days with his training: make sure you don't have anything else going on!
4 Train with Atugia and Quin (complete) After a few days of training, Atugia gave Quintillus a passing grade in his defensive training. The taeleer is impressed with how it all turned out but he’s even happier now that he has the ability to keep you and the party safe in battle, should the need ever arise.

Writer Credit



After getting your relationship score with Quin high enough, you will receive a quest prompt to have Atugia train him in defense after helping him purchase a new set of armor.


After getting the quest, you will need to talk to Atugia. She’ll have a new talk option, TrainQuin?, where you’ll ask if she’d be willing to help train Quin. She agrees and suggests the gym field in Hawkethorne, as long as Quin is on board with it as well.

Once you’ve gotten Atugia’s agreement, you can talk to Quin about his training. He won’t actually believe that you are serious about this, so you will need to foot the bill. Once you have 500 Electrum Coins, you can talk to him again about the armor. The two of you will then go to Ogrish’s Shop, where Quin will be fitted for his new armor. While Quin gets fitted for his new armor, you can choose to Wait or Spy On him. Choosing the latter will give you a CG of him getting fitted. Once the fitting is done, you’ll need to wait a full day for Ogrish to complete the armor.

After picking up the armor, talk to Quin to start his training. You will need several days to complete this, so finish up any time sensitive quests before you do this. Over the next few days, you get a training montage that includes various scenes such as: you and Atugia chasing & beating Quin with sticks, friendly sparring, and Quin learning how to use his Firewalk with his new defensive fighting style.


Quin will confide in you that it feels refreshing to not have to rely on the Cultists teachings. He will thank you for believing in him and helping him see that he can be better.


Hopknight Set for Quin unlocked.