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| image_size = 200
| image_size = 200
| caption = ''Atugia bust, by [[Author-DCLzexon|DCLzexon]].''
| caption = ''Atugia bust, by [[Author-DCLzexon|DCLzexon]].''
| creator = Garde
| creator = Gardeford
| fullname = Atugia the Dullahan
| fullname = Atugia Varcang
| nickname = Tui
| nickname =  
| alias =  
| alias =  
| species = [[Dullahan|Dullahan]]
| species = [[Human|Human]]
| gender = Female
| gender = Female
| occupation =  
| occupation = Bodyguard
| title =  
| title =  
| family =  
| family =  
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| significantother =  
| significantother =  
| children =  
| children =  
| nationality =
| nationality = Teiglache
| location = [[Hawkethorne]]
| location = [[Hawkethorne]]

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Atugia bust, by DCLzexon.
Creator Gardeford
Full name Atugia Varcang
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bodyguard
Nationality Teiglache
Location Hawkethorne


Atugia is a guard hired by The Baroness in the Barracks of Hawkethorne. After defeating her you can attempt to recruit her. Recruitment can only happen after walking in on her body showering and fucking the headless warrior woman.


Atugia waves when she sees you looking at her, brushing a stray lock of ginger hair out of her eyes. She doesn't stare back, but makes an obvious effort to slow her pace and give you time to look.

Fiery red hair, cut short on one side, makes the foreign girl's pale skin look even brighter. Longer strands on the uncut side remain tucked behind her ear, except for a loose lock that drops to hang over one cheek. Her face somehow manages to keep a hint of softness, in her smile, the fullness of her lips, and the eagerness in her intense peridot eyes. A spattering of freckles run from cheek to cheek, over her nose, eyes, and chin. No, it's more than a mere spattering, it looks like a mad painter threw pigments onto the blank canvas of her skin.

For all intents she looks like a regular human from the neck up, but that's where such thoughts are banished. Starting just below the underside of her chin, a deep sapphire glow emanates from under her skin. Sparkling stars float in the azure void, reminiscent of the freckles on the rest of her body, but otherwise the color is totally opaque. You can barely make out the anatomy of her neck against the flat hue, but below that her skin returns to its normal coloration.

She's dressed in what she insists is common attire for her home tribe. A thick leather jerkin, tied just tight enough to provide some coverage, with a hip length attached skirt that provides a surprising amount of modesty. The garment allows her a full range of movement, and also let her show off when she wants to. On most occasions, she opts to skip out on undergarments, allowing her rune painted skin space to breath.

The aforementioned runes nearly cover her entire body, starting just below the neckline and ending at her toes. You aren't sure how she does it, but even a days exertion doesn't smear or ruin her handiwork. Each section of the elaborate markings is different. In some places they swirl and flow, while others connect to grid-like blocks.

Atugia sees you still watching her and grins slyly, pulling at the front of her vest in a mock stretch. The gesture gives you a naked side view of one of her perky B-cups, along with the pale pink nipple that tips it. Twisting marks cover her chest as well, the same shapes that cover her body. The rich color of the marks stands out on her pale skin, highlighting her muscle and the curves of her fit frame.

Below the waist her short pants do a better job at concealment, covering her svelte hips and well defined thighs. She remains bare from the knees down, moving with the deft grace of someone used to being that way.


  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Kiss
    • Lips - The classic.
    • Belly - Bold. Robust.
  • Sex
  • Sleep
  • Dismiss/Recruit

Some nights she will want to blow of some steam with you:

  • No - You need your sleep.
  • Yes - Why not have a little fun?


  • Markings
  • Curse
  • Trip


  • Facesitting - Bask in those powerful thighs, maybe with some bonus shenanigans.
  • BodyWorship - The whole mage thing makes it easier, but Atugia still works hard to maintain this body, give her a reward.
    • Face Up - Let her watch as you finish her off and admire those pretty legs.
      • Finish - Let her off easy his time, let her revel in what you think of her body.
      • Fuck Her - Now that you've shown her how much her body means to you, you can show her what it does to you. [Vaginal Scene]
    • Ass Up - This seams to be a hit. Why make her move.
      • Finish - [Same as Face Up]
      • Fuck Her - [Same as Face Up] [Anal Scene]


  • Powers
    • Guarded Stance
    • Eternal Light - [Recharge 1] - Suffuse and ally with the light of your will. They recover 10% Health and Resolve, and an additional 5% each turn for 3 turns.
    • Ancest.Judge - [Recharge 3] [Spell] - Call upon ancient guardians to strike directly at the will of an opponent with phantasmal weaponry. On a hit, deal X crushing and X Fatigue damage. Gain +25 Physical and Magical Resistance and stun immunity for 1 turn.
    • Echoes Life - [Encounter] [2Hand] [Melee] [Weapon] - Summon the latent energy of the world into your weapon, and then release it with spectacular results. The pent up energy will simultaneously heal your allies and strike terror into the hearts of your enemies.