Beast Killer

From Corruption of Champions II
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Beast Killer
Type Weapon
Slot Bow
Base Price 600
Additional Information
Damage 20 + 20
Damage Type physical
Accuracy 10
Evasion 10
Usable Yes
Defensive Target Self
Additional Flags Ranged, heavy, two-hand

Additional Stats

Penetrating damage: 20

Blight damage: 20


"Eventually, the search manages to turn up a few chips of jade and other jewels you might be able to pawn off back in Hawkethorne. There’s also a compact bow that was hanging on one of the walls that looks to be in pretty good shape; it needs a new string, but the frame has survived the ravages of time very well indeed."

A bow of obviously foreign make that's survived the years pretty well. Despite its age, there's plenty of tension in the colourful frame, and the grip is sturdy.


  • Found within the kitsune shrine ruins. It will turn up if you search among the debris of the ruined shrine with the statue dedicated to Keros, the trickster god.