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Berwyn Clothed.png
Artwork created by DCL.
Creator HugsAlright
Species half-human half-lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Mage apprentice
Location Foothills


You first meet Berwyn in the Foothills region, trying to test his strength against the denizens of the land. Once defeated, he expects to be abused and you have a choice on that matter. Meet him long enough and be nice and you may uncover more to his story.


Berwyn sits before you, looking to be about 5'6" in height from this angle. He's humanoid and his chocolate-toned face exhibits many features of his human heritage, aside from his pointed, canine ears. His lupine side is heavily displayed in his partially fur-covered limbs, paw-like hands and feet, and the fluffy canid tail that sways absentmindedly behind him.

He has quite the effeminate appearance, his soft features giving him a very girly look, and his body definitely isn't working against that. His shoulders are svelte, and although his chest is flat and boyish, his thin midsection gives way to a wide pair of hips and plush, shapely thighs, partially covered in fur.

The femboy mage has long, white hair that hangs around his face, out of the way of his pale blue eyes. It's quite voluminous and has a bit of bounce to it. Meanwhile, all the fur that covers his limbs, ears, and tail is a snowy white that becomes ever darker until it's a charcoal black where his appendages end, giving his fur a very smokey look.


After a victory over his Mistress and agreeing to help him, Berwyn can be found at the Frosthound Tavern in Hawkethorne. If asked, he will talk in length about his past, his fascination with magic and runes, as well as the changes that turned his body the way he is. As you may find out, this can raise more questions than answers for you.


Once recruited, player is able to perform several actions with the aloof floof.

  • Sex
    • Anal
    • Doggystyle
    • Give Titjob
    • Cock Worship
  • Pet


The Mistress