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Cait's bust by DCLzexon.
Creator Savin
Full name Caitriss Zethra
Nickname(s) Cait
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Lay Priestess
Family Barnaphous Zethra
Calla (Sister)
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Hawkethorne


Caitriss is a companion that you first meet during the tutorial of the game in Hawkethorne. The PC is recruited into helping her rescue her sister Calla, who was abducted by members of the Demon Cult. After the portal's detonation in the tutorial, Cait drags the PC back to town and tends to their wounds for a week. Once the PC recovers, Cait volunteers to join in on the coming adventure in hopes of finding out what happened to her sister and how to rescue her.


Caitriss is a lithe and athletic catgirl standing at about five foot eight, or a little over if you count her big, perky cat-ears. Pale skin covers most of her body, and she sports a cutely feminine face with a small, upturned nose beneath a pair of big, blue eyes with vertical slits. Her face is framed by short, not-quite-shoulder length hair that's clearly blonde, though her locks have been highlighted with a bright, bubbly pink color. Her ears and the long, flexible feline tail behind her are both completely masked in pink, giving the cat-girl a playful and cheery look.

While most catfolk are svelte and slender, clearly nobody gave that message to Cait's chest: she's sporting a hefty pair of breasts that jut proudly from her chest. They're perfectly rounded, weighty but delightfully bouncy, and oh-so-soft looking even through her clothing. You guess she must fill out an enticing E-cup -- large enough to make you want to just plant your face between her tits and nuzzle up to the perky cat-babe.

Continuing your perusal of the girl's body, you see that Cait's got long, slender human-like legs with toes ending in small, finely-pointed claws; her fingers are much the same, though those claws are painted a dark blue like her eyes. Her legs connect to a handful of spankable ass, just big enough to jiggle a bit whenever she walks. Seeing where you're looking, she wiggles her broad hips and reels her tail back to give herself a playful swat on the backside, making her rump bounce with the impact.

All told, Cait's got an awesome body that draws stares on the streets, and her outfit is revealing enough to make her figure all the more obvious. She's wearing a pair of tall, leather boots that reach up well over her knees, with a hint of bare skin between them at the hem of a sinfully short, lacy white skirt that shows off more than a little panty-clad butt whenever she bends over. A belt loaded down with potions and herb-pouches holds the skirt firmly in place, and is the last article of clothing before a long expanse of bare, flat belly. Her top is almost impossibly tight around her ample chest, sheer white fabric that perfectly hugs her curves to just above the elbows, and down to just below her bust, where it cuts off at a tight, elastic band.

Over that, Cait wears a loose fitting white robe, the same kind other priestesses usually don. Lucky for your appraising gazes, she doesn't keep her robes tied up, instead leaving them open-faced and hanging like a cloak off her shoulders, held in place by a red jeweled clasp. Cait keeps her long, oaken staff slung over her back, held in place by a strap that goes right between her heavy breasts. The staff is tipped with a pale crimson gemstone cut to resemble a heart, and wreathed with a solid wooden ring to protect it.


Cait is a mandatory companion during the tutorial of the game while searching for her sister Calla, who has been kidnapped.

After awakening from a week-long coma post-tutorial, the PC can immediately recruit Cait from within The Frost Hound.

  • Talk
  • Flirt (if you've talked to her and scritched her), Kiss Her (if you've fucked her)
  • Head Scritches
    • Hug
    • Grope
    • Kiss
  • Healing
  • Sex
  • Appearance
  • Give Item
    • As of 0.1.23, only milk-refined Bovum Sherry is supported - it enlarges her breasts slightly, altering her bust image and makes her lactate, unlocking additional scenes. It can be repeated.
  • Dismiss/Recruit


  • Companions (if you've recruited anyone else)
  • Locals
  • Frost Marches
  • Her Faith
  • Her Family
  • Her Magic
  • Children (one-off, if you've cum in her - she reassures you she can't get pregnant; unlocks a dream)


Cait is open to sex shortly after being recruited (after the tutorial). Simply talk to her a few times and then proposition her; she's an easy lay. Before you can actually fulfil your desires with the cat-girl, though, she will insist you agree to her relationship dynamics to avoid hurt feelings.

  • Breastplay - Get your hands on those sweet mammaries of Cait's...
    • Titfuck - Ram your dick in between those lush chest pillows.
    • Boob Worship - Give those big beautiful boobs of Cait's some love!
    • Milky 69 - Get Cait on her back and enjoy some mutual masturbation, focused on each other's lactating tits.
  • Vaginal - Enjoy everything that the cat-girl's sultry pussy has to offer.
    • Use Dick - Take advantage of the recent deluge between Cait's thighs and slide you dick right in
      • Loving - Go at this nice and tender, to show Cait just how much you love her pussy right back.
      • Rough - Put this chatty cat on her hand and knees and plow her into the pillows.
    • Eat Pussy - Drive her crazy with your tongue now!
  • Striptease - Have the lovely kitten strip herself for your pleasure.
  • Footjob - Play with the kitty's feet.
  • Tailjob - Cait's tail is so flexable. Even if it isn't fluffy, you still want to touch it... and other things besides.
    • Cock - Have Cait stroke you off with her tail.
    • Vagina - There's nothing quite like Cait's tail. Wonder how it'd feel inside you...
    • Ass - Have Cait stuff that butt of yours with that glorious tail of hers.

After any solo sex scene the Champion has the option to Cuddle with the Big Titty Kitty if between the time of [18:00 - 04:59], sleeping until the morning.

If the Champion had talked to Berwyn regarding Cait helping his "constantly horny" thing, there is a 1/9 chance to stumble upon them having sex at The Frost Hound. Each scene has a (1/3 chance to occur):

  • Titfuck & Titsuck
    • StayAndWatch - Keep watching your companions get it on.
    • Leave - You'd rather not watch.
  • Threesome
    • Get Fucked - Get your share of Berwyn's dick once he's through with Cait.
    • Fuck Berwyn - Shove your dick in that half-breed's butt and milk his prostate right into Cait!
    • Leave - You'd rather not get involved in this.

A threesome option with Brint is available under Brint's sex option after the Champion has had sex with both.


  • Powers
    • Heal
    • White Fire
    • SunO'Jassira - [Recharge 4] [Spell] - You channel the fires of your passion into a radiant burst of holy energy. You make an attack against the enemy's Magic Resistance; on a hit, it takes X Fire damage. Hit or miss, all enemies' Magic Resistance is targeted by a secondary attack that, if successful, blinds them for one turn.
    • Spirit Veil


While not a conventional quest, Cait starts the game an anal virgin and does not allow the champion to change this. However, Savin has stated that she will allow it later in the game, and the champion will be extra rewarded if she hasn't been anally violated before then. Therefore, as a bit of a challenge there are several scenarios in which another character will forcefully buttfuck her. Some of these scenarios are the following (almost all of which are RNG dependent)(As of patch 3.11, all of these are combat loss scenes):