Castle Hawkstone

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Castle Hawkstone
Castle Hawkstone map.png
Region Hawkethorne
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Neutral Hub Yes

Written by Savin

The Baroness lives in this crumbling wreck with a couple of retainers, situated above the hamlet she nominally rules.

"Baroness Reverra largely keeps to herself in the castle; she takes few visitors. As far as I can tell she lives alone save for a single bodyguard, and I've never seen the fellow up close or without his helm or hood. It's quite the large castle for just the two of them, and the state of it reflects that. The place is falling apart, though she seems content to let it collapse around her. Garth and myself have both offered to round up some of the villagers to fix the place up, but Carmen has politely declined us both."
Brother Sanders



You're standing at the gates to the ancient castle, its mighty stone walls standing impassable before you. The gates are closed, barring your further progress — for now. From here, though, you can see for miles around — the village of Hawkethorne looks like snowy little picture, distant and luminous with its many hearthfires and candlelit windows; beyond it stretches miles of green forest, and the tall grasslands of the south.


You stand in the courtyard of Castle Hawkstone, seat of the marcher barony that you've called your home ever since Kasyrra's appearance. It's a truly ancient castle, at least five centuries old, made of solid stone and massive arches held aloft by engineering you can only guess at. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

A central keep stands apart from the great palisades, and to the north of you, there's another smaller building where the guards were stationed once upon a time. The stables are next to it, similarly abandoned. Indeed, you don't see much sign of life here...

You stand in what looks like a standard barracks, a little lavish even, with a number of cleanly made bunks evenly spaced in rows of two going back along each wall. You can make out a vague sign directing you toward the bathing area behind one of the beds at the back. Further into the room the cleanliness changes to an ungodly mess. Bedding and clothing are strewn about in a seemingly random manner, creating a path of chaos you don't feel safe stepping in.



While there are no repeatable encounters at this location, you will have cause to visit the castle and speak with The Baroness at different points in the story.

Recruiting Atugia

Note: If you do not visit the castle in the first few days, Atugia will come down to Hawkethorne to confront you and obviate this interaction.

On your first visit to Castle Hawkstone you will be confronted by a Runic Knight who accuses you of being one of the cultists who ran into the castle courtyard and seemingly disappeared. Whether you win or lose, The Baroness will quickly intervene and chastise her huscarl. You will be able to encounter Atugia from then on, getting to know her and eventually (see: RNG) having the opportunity to recruit her after a chance encounter with her headless body.

Becoming Champion

After defeating the Alraune and completing Right of Conquest and Harboring a Fugitive, Atugia informs you that The Baroness has summoned you up to the castle. You have the opportunity to speak at length with Baroness Reverra for the first time, and learn about her history with Master Tollus and Lady Evergreen as well as why she takes such a hands off approach with Hawkethorne. She praises you, saying you have acted as Hawkethorne's protector in her stead and offering you the title of Champion of Hawkethorne.

Quest Related

Royal Amnesty

Etheryn asks you to bring her up to Castle Hawkstone to seek audience with The Baroness.

Divine Pussy

Cait too seeks audience with The Baroness, seeking permission to refurnish the Abandoned Temple into a temple to Mallach.