Conjurer's Concoction

From Corruption of Champions II
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Conjurer's Concoction
Author The Observer
Type Consumable
Base Price 80
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable No
Combat Usable Yes


Something pulsates behind the smoky glass of this cylindrical canister, creating an ever-shifting shadowplay across the reflective surface.

If the Champion's background is an Arcanist:

You're intimately familiar with what this is — conjurer's concoction, you yourself having used it on occasion. Magicians carry this stuff around, downing the concoction before setting to work casting incantations and spinning hexes. For a brief period of time the imbiber would become intensely focused, ignorant of events outside their purpose.

If the Champion's background is not an Arcanist:

You've heard tales of what this is — a conjurer's concoction, also known as the sorcerer's helper. Apparently the many mages of Estelore were the biggest producers and consumers of this alchemically altered fluid, imbibing it to aid in their spellcasting until... well, Estelore disappeared.

Imbibing this will increase Focus and Spellpower by 5 + X + Y until the end of combat.


Consuming the item increases Focus and Spellpower by 5 + (Cunning/2) + (Toughness/2) until the end of combat (Conjurer's Concoction combat effect).



This item holds the same name as the Conjurer's Concoction combat effect.