Effigy Seed

From Corruption of Champions II
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Effigy Seed
Type Consumable
Base Price 50
Additional Information
Special Stats Stack Limit 9
Usable No
Combat Usable Yes


A seed containing a juvenile Alraune effigy, ripe for the planting. It seems to be alive, and emanates a distinct warmth...


This item can only be used during combat. On consumption will summon an Effigy to fight for the Champion


  • Given by Alraune
    • 1 day incubation period if seeded by the Champion
    • 3 day incubation period if not
  • Laid by the Champion
    • Requires to have been seeded by the Alraune or the Effigy Pollinator
      • Requires the seed to be fertilized by anyone ejaculating in the Champion's vagina