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Full body art and busts of Eubicha by Moira
Creator Gardeford
Nickname(s) Horse
Species Centaur
Gender Female
Occupation Pack Mule (if Recruited)
Location Centaur Village
Level 2
Health 230
Resolve 140

Without waiting for a response from you, she canters to a box near the edge of the tent, rummaging inside till she finds what she was looking for. She pulls out the black rubber bondage gear from before, cocking her head in your direction and smirking hopefully.

Right to the point, isn't she?

Eubicha is a Centaur from Harvest Valley. You don't know much about her, aside from the fact that she is very large, very strong, and loves pony play. Eubicha hasn't been able to express her love of horse-themed bondage around her own people, which is possibly how she ended up serving as Master Tollus's mount. In chasing off Tollus, you can take Eubicha as your own, and fulfil her need for equine submission in a more positive way.


Eubicha is a tall and imposing centaur workhorse of nearly ten feet, or she would be imposing if it weren't for her docile meekness. The skin of her human half is tanned by hours of outdoor work, even under her clothing. Her pretty face belies the strength in her tauric end, and every so often you catch glimpses of rich brown eyes beneath her bangs. Beyond that, her straight brown hair trails down to the middle of her back, unadorned save for a simple flower threaded behind one sheltered ear.

Most centaurs you've seen have human bodies that match their tauric ends, and Eubicha is no exception. To scale, her breasts look like D-cups, but if you're being realistic they're probably closer to double E's. The rest of her is all smooth muscle, not quite enough to show outwardly, but enough to know she's more capable than the softness her personality exudes. Speaking of softness, the eager actress has noticed your roving eyes by this point, and squeezes her plush cleavage together with a hopeful grin.

To aid your continued perusal, she trots in a small circle to show off her equine end. There's no hiding the raw strength in her animal half. Powerful hips and thighs built for heavy hauling make her every bit the pony powerhouse she appears to be. Extra fluff, a paler shade of brown than the rest of her fur, flows from her ankles and shrouds her hooves. Her bouncing trot does wonders for her titanic equine ass, showing off just how jiggly it can get. Each cheek is so large that you couldn't hope to contain it in your hands, but that just makes it all the more of a sight to see.

Her long tail is flipped up over her back, showing off the chocolate brown flesh of her donut asshole and equine pussy. Each of them is sized to match the rest of her, but she doesn't seem to care about what's filling them as long as she can be in character while it's happening. Normally her tail provides perfect coverage, bushy enough to prevent all but the faintest of glimpses while she's working. When she isn't aroused the simple brown slit isn't even that impressive.

All-together Eubicha has a figure that exudes strength, but around you she seems perfectly content to be a gentle giant. She usually wears loose fitting tops that give her plenty of freedom while lifting and pulling, and a simple blanket draped over her equine half. No frivolous extra adornments, just quaint simplicity.


Initial Encounter

Tollus is seated side-saddle on the back of a centaur strongwoman, lounging comfortably. The mare is completely tied in bondage gear, head to hoof. Her muscular arms are bound behind her back, and a thick bit has been placed between her teeth. Gear created for horse-riding bipeds has been set on her lower body, and you see the glint of golden horseshoes on the hooves beneath her furred ankles.

You first encounter Eubicha during the events of Harboring a Fugitive, as you and Ahmri infiltrate the corrupted Centaur Village. Master Tollus has commandeered her as his mount and trussed her up to boot. He attacks you from her back, using her as a centaur shield without much complaint on her part.

If you're victorious, Tollus will flee the scene. It quickly becomes apparent that Eubicha has not exactly been forced into her predicament. While the ambient corruption may be a part of her behaviour, it seems she rather enjoys being a pony and resists any attempt to undo her bindings. She is however quite happy to help you work off any aggression or frustration you may be feeling.

  • Fuck: Give the mare your cock. It seems like that's what she wants. (requires penis)
  • Grind Saddle: It seems like there are quite a few custom additions to the mare's equine gear. Maybe you can make use of them while teasing her. (requires vagina)

Bad End

If you are defeated, you wake up bound to Eubicha's underside. Tollus has gifted Eubicha with a sizeable horse cock and a pesky champion to help relieve it with. You blank out with mind-melting pleasure as he starts to explain the modifications he made to your body to make you more receptive, and any thought of the world outside is quickly gone.

Subsequent Encounters

Pure Village

"Eubicha? My dear woman, what have they done to you? How could I let that conniving mage shackle one of my subjects like a common animal," Taldahs laments, his hands clenching into fists. The bound centaur, Eubicha assumedly, shakes her head in concern at first. She glances at you momentarily and then instantly changes, nodding vigorously enough to show off her deep brown eyes and acting very much like her restraints are on against her will.

If, during the events of Harboring a Fugitive, you purify the village, Taldahs will quickly 'free' Eubicha from her bondage. She makes sure to keep the equipment, though. Eubicha will be encounterable in her tent in the relatively secluded outskirts of the village. She will be very happy to see you, wrapping you in a giant hug that lifts you clean off the ground. She will also quickly fetch the stashed bondage equipment and present it to you as a suggestion.

  • Appearance: Give the equine beauty a lookover.
  • Sex: Play with the roleplaying pony. (see Sex section)
  • Groom: Engage in a little more lighthearted play.
  • Recruit: Ask Eubicha to follow you in your journeys.
  • Release: Ask Eubicha to return to the centaur village. (once recruited)

Corrupt Village

"I need a good steed to show the rampaging horde out there how to stay in check. Will you be that for me?" You ask, kneading the bound centaur's tight asscheek. She nods with manic enthusiasm, grunting as she lowers her front end to ease your ascent into the saddle. Once you're seated comfortably, she prances giddily in the direction of the gates, eager to show off her submission to the returning pillagers.

If you do not purify the village during Harboring a Fugitive, you will instead publicly claim Eubicha as your riding mare. She wears her bondage gear full-time and is tied to a post like a proper horse, though the other centaurs keep her fed and watered at your instruction. The available interactions are largely the same, although some of the sex scenes are altered to reflect her new status.


Eubicha is proudly prancing around the camp to show off how good she is at carrying your gear. Her tail is jutted straight into the air, showing her glistening netherlips off to anyone she passes by.

Regardless of how you resolve Harboring a Fugitive, you are able to recruit Eubicha as a camp follower. She serves as mobile storage, increasing your storage slots by 10 and allowing you to deposit and withdraw items from storage while in Camp. Eubicha is delighted to serve as your pack mule and is constantly showing off how effectively and smoothly she can carry all of your items.


During her encounter in Harboring a Fugitive, Eubicha will be shielding Master Tollus from direct attacks until she is defeated.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 21.0 Spellpower: 9.0
Sexiness: 18.0 Temptation: 7.0
Armor: 62.0 Physical Resist: 17.0
Warding: 28.0 Magic Resist: 3.0
Evasion: 23.0 [+]Blight Resist: -75.0
[+]Pheromone Resist: -75.0
  • 200 EXP


Unless specified otherwise, these sex options are available in Camp and in the Centaur Village.

  • Fuck: Give the mare your cock. It seems like that's what she wants. (requires penis)
  • Grind Saddle: It seems like there are quite a few custom additions to the mare's equine gear. Maybe you can make use of them while teasing her. (requires vagina)
  • Ride (pure): Take Eubicha for a secret ride. There's no one around at this hour. (pure Centaur Village, only at night)
    • Kiss: Good horsies deserve smooches.
    • Carrot: It's the whole reason you went, after all.
    • "Carrot": Getting off can be your reward for getting her off.
  • Ride (corrupt): Show off your prized mare to the inhabitants of your village. (corrupt Centaur Village)
  • Sleep Sex: Give Eubicha a nice orgasm to wake up to. (Camp, only at night)
  • Breed: She might be a drafthorse, but you don't think she'd mind being a broodmare. (requires penis)

If you have Eubicha as a follower, you can bring her to the Centaur Caravan and buy her a ride.

  • Mara: Paying for someone else to take the lead might be unorthodox, but Mara manages to make the prospect highly attractive — and with that dick, taking charge seems to come natural to her. (requires 50 EC)
    • Stud Eubicha: Ask Mara to stud for your mare. (Eubicha must be with you)
      • Done Here: Nah, you're done for now. Once is enough.
      • More: Eat out Mara till she blows again. (requires 50 EC)


Eubicha can get pregnant from any sex scenes that include vaginal penetration, standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Eubicha Pregnancy for more details.

Early into the pregnancy, Eubicha will approach the player. She will be nervous and flustered if it's the first child you sired with her or more relaxed if it's a repeat performance, but either way the soft-spoken centaur will quietly announce that she's pregnant. When the pregnancy comes to term, she will give birth in the Hawkethorne Nursery and add your offspring to the menagerie.

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

Eubicha and Master Tollus are the first opposition you face infiltrating the Centaur Village, and need to be defeated to continue with the quest. Her subsequent content will be affected by how you complete the quest.