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Full body art of Genova by Moira
Creator Gardeford
Species Centaur
Gender Female
Occupation Matron
Location Centaur Village
Level 5
Health 370
Resolve 187
Strengths Genova has 1 action point

Genova is a Centaur of the Harvest Valley tribe, and one of the main villagers corrupted by Kasyrra's influence. Prior to the cult's arrival she was the village matron, responsible for caring for and corralling the youth among other duties. Her caretaking responsibilities and desire for the love of the village was twisted into bewitching a harem of Marefolk captives and centaurs unwilling to join in the marauding and violence.



For a few seconds it flits between light and dark, and then melts away entirely, leaving a very tired looking centaur matron. She looks almost nothing like the lithe warrior or comely seductress from before, but she does have a certain motherly charm that shines through even the exhaustion.


Without the magic from before she looks... supernaturally beautiful, even still. Her skin is still pale, but carnally flushed. Where before your eyes leapt to her chaste features they now dance over her nudity, the fullness of her E-cup chest, the hearty curve of her equine rump, and the mind numbing thought of that slit. You shake your head again, struggling even now to shield your thoughts from her magic.

The biggest difference of all is the horn on her head. Rather than a neat swirl of ivory, reality reveals a warped spindle of crooked pink crystal, throbbing with magical energy that makes your head hurt and your slit wetten. Her eyes share that glow, making her all together hard to look at full on.


Initial Encounter

She's a centaur, or at least she looks like one. Pale, almost albino white skin, and platinum silver hair make her almost hard to look at dead on. Her smile makes it all worth it, though, obliterating your despair in a single moment. Silver eyes like twin stars guide your gaze to the resplendent spiral horn atop her forehead. A number of other centaurs, and even some marefolk, stand with her in varying states of dress. All of them wear expressions of excited relief, talking amongst each other as the valkyrian centaur approaches you.

You first encounter Genova during Harboring a Fugitive. You are ambushed by a massive dragon, who is quickly dispatched by a beautiful unicorn-taur accompanied by both Centaurs and Marefolk. She introduces herself to you, and says she needs fighters like you if she's going to save the village from corruption. All you need to do to cement your alliance is make love to her, and your combined love will shine brightly enough to drive away the darkness.

  • Fuck Her: What better way to harden your resolve for the coming battle? (leads to bad end)
  • Wait No: Something's not right here, who did she say her god was again?

If you decline, it quickly becomes apparent that Genova's offer was a trap. She dispels her illusion magic, revealing her true corrupted nature and the enchanted state of her 'allies'. Genova engages the party in combat, where if you win you have the option to fuck her or her harem, and if you lose you're involuntarily added to the harem.

Should you go on to purify Taldahs, Genova is the first centaur to be freed from her corruption. Taldahs appeals to her, telling her that she already had the love of the village and didn't need a demon's magic to gain it. With his help, she is able to regain her senses. If you kill Taldahs, then you use Genova's harem as a threat to keep the other corrupted centaurs in line.

Bad End

If you are defeated by Genova or at any point choose to Fuck Her, you quickly become entranced by her. Before too long, all you can think of is fucking her again and again to help create soldiers for Lady Kasyrra's army.

Subsequent Encounters

Ahmri's wedding

"Without a doubt, you are the reason we are able to continue traditions like this. Now you honor us by becoming part of them. Present your flower in a way you deem fit," she says, sweeping her hand over to Ahmri.

While Genova does not have repeatable interactions, she does play a key role in Ahmri's wedding. After you propose to Ahmri, Genova whisks you away to prepare you for the ceremony. She measures and dresses you in the customary everblossom garments, a covering of vibrant flowers covering just enough to be considered modest. Mostly. Genova officiates the ceremony as well, having you and Ahmri present your flowers to each other in front of a crowd of cheering villagers and your companions.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 24.0 Spellpower: 99.0
Sexiness: 16.0 Temptation: 8.0
Armor: 63.0 Physical Resist: 26.0
Warding: 39.0 Magic Resist: 14.0
Focus: 7.0 Mental Resist: 13.0
Evasion: 26.0 [+]Blight Resist: -75.0
Tease Resist: 35.0 [+]Pheromone Resist: -75.0
Mind Resist: 35.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]


If you defeat Genova in combat during Harboring a Fugitive, you will have the following scenes available.

  • Dick Fuck Harem: This lady seems to really enjoy being in control. Would be a shame if someone fucked her hypnotized followers in front of her. Maybe you'll use your cock…
  • Vag Fuck Harem: This lady seems to really enjoy being in control. Would be a shame if someone fucked her hypnotized followers in front of her. Maybe you'll use your pussy…
  • Fuck Her: This is probably a bad idea, but you never know. You beat her in a fight, so maybe you're stronger than her magic. (leads to bad end)
  • Leave: Leave the centauress to wallow in her own defeat.

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

Genova is one of the foes who has to be defeated for you to continue through the Centaur Village dungeon.