Girthy Rod

From Corruption of Champions II
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Girthy Rod
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 450
Additional Information
Damage Crushing 20
Tease 5
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 5
Spellpower 5
Spell Penetration 5
Sexiness 5
Special Stats Temptation 5
Additional Flags TwoHand

The Girthy Rod is wielded by the Tainted Witch who guards the river crossing in Harvest Valley, and with luck, can be wielded by the Champion, too.


This thick staff is incredibly phallic, complete with bulging veins and cockhead. Even as you hold it, it pulses with corrupted arousal; definitely not for the pure of heart.


Requires the Champion to have at least 20 Corruption for the item to be equipped.

Special effects

Equipping the Rod for the first time adds 5 Corruption to the Champion. It grants the Groping Tentacles power while it's equipped.


Guaranteed loot from defeating the River Cultists in the Harvest Valley for the first time.