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Players in Corruption of Champions II can collect and use various '''items''' which could have either a good or bad effect on their character. Items can be equipped to give a character an advantage, magically enhanced by either the player or certain [[NPCs and Monsters|NPC]]s, combined together to creating a new item, or consumed to alter a character's stats and physical appearance. However, caution and a certain amount of moderation should be taken by the player when giving their character certain food items and potions. Sometimes, their effects are good or otherwise neutral. Other times, however...
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A character will start out with 12 inventory slots, which can be increased by venturing forth with additional companions, up to a maximum of 20 slots.
Each individual item requires its own inventory slot. When there are no inventory spaces available for an obtained item to be placed, the player is given 3 options:
# Drop the item
# Use the item now, or
# Replace the contents of a filled inventory slot with it and discard the slot's former contents.
Certain items, when equipped, are taken out of the character's inventory slot and listed on the inventory screen; weapons/armor, clothing, rings and amulets, and underwear are among the list of equip-able items. Key Items will not take up any inventory space and are immediately listed on the inventory screen.
The player can store additional items at the [[Frost Hound Tavern]].
==Consumable Items==
''"You don't have to put everything you find in your mouth, you know."''
==Crafting Materials==
==Rare Items==
==Transformation Items==
===Sex Toys===
====For Males & Herms====
====For Females & Herms====
====For Herms Only====
''Most weapons must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one weapon at a time may be listed as Equipped.''
==Armors & Clothing==
''All worn items must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one Armor-type item at a time may be listed as Equipped, as well as one undertop and undergarment.''
==Magical Books==
==Key Items==
''All key items are carried outside of inventory system and as such can't be dropped - only used at the appropriate time''
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