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JinJin DCL Bust.png

JinJin DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Jin-Jin by DCLzexon
Creator Hugs Alright
Alias Monkey Fellow
Species Fusata
Gender Male
Occupation Monk
Height 5'5" - 5'6"
Cock Size 6"
Faction Spring Order of Macah
Nationality Macah
Location Hawkethorne Gym

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, it's difficult to stop oneself when they're in the rhythm of their own body."

Jin-Jin is a Fusata monk of the Spring Order of Macah, that . His preference leans towards males and cocks, as he does not find women very enticing, and that his order prevents him from fraternizing with women, and women from becoming intimate with men.


Despite being obviously male, Jin-jin's face and body have a slightly androgynous appearance.

The white-furred fusata stands only about a foot-and-a-half tall, and possesses a furry, prehensile tail about half that length. He has a very androgynous figure, lithe and short, which could give him the appearance of a girl if not for his toned shoulders giving away his masculinity.

Of course, the other hint of his manhood is the slight bulge in his gi, belying his six inch dick and his surprisingly sizable ball sack.

The hair that covers his body halts at his hands, and odd, hand-shaped feet. His svelte, athletically built chest and midsection (and his tight posterior) are also free of fur, revealing caramel colored skin.

Like every other fusata, Jin-jin's face is slightly pronounced, not a muzzle like a lupine, but not quite and entirely flat face like a human. His eyes look like any human or lupine's though, big and brown, just like his large, round ears on either side of his partially fur-covered face.


Jin-Jin can be found at the Field of the Hawkethorne Gym training against a wooden dummy. Approaching the half-furred person for the first time will find him completely engrossed in his martial arts, failing to notice the Champion. Only when he finishes does he stop and approach the Champion, apologizing to have kept them waiting as he reasons that it is difficult to stop oneself when they're in the rhythm of their own body. He introduces himself with a welcoming kind smile and he extends his hand, but instead of a handshake he simply squeezes the Champion's hand and then releases it. Meeting Jin-Jin for the first time will unlock the Fusata Codex entry. Once introductions are out of the way, the following options will become available:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - Find out about Jin-jin and where he comes from.
    • Him - Just who is this monkey boy?
    • Pilgrimage - Where is Jin-jin going on his pilgrimage? (requires talked about Him)
    • Fighting - How do monks fight with just their fists?
  • Training - Can Jin-jin teach you to fight like him? (requires talked about Fighting)
  • Sex - Ask Jin-jin if he'd be down for some rigorous physical training of the horizontal-monkey style. (requires to be Male and have a Cock)
    • Get Blown - Have the cute monkey boy give you a blowjob.
    • Fuck Him - Bend Jin-jin over against a wall and fuck his butt!

Asking the monkey boy about himself will reveal that he is a monk of the Spring Order of Macah that follow a strict code:

"We aim to make the world a better place through personal discipline, and with that comes training our bodies and minds to both become resilient to outside influence."

They learn to defend themselves to keep themselves safe while on their pilgrimage.

Inquiring about his pilgrimage, Jin-Jin will state that a Spring Order monk's pilgrimage involves finding somewhere in need of help, to make a difference, a better world wherever the path will take them. He had stopped at The Frost Marches because he felt as though there was something wrong, and that something he can help with.

When asked on how the monks fight just with their fists, Jin-Jin explains that the monks train their bodies to be hard as iron and their fists to be as fast as lightning. He adds that weapons and other possessions simply hinder the mind and body and that they believe it is better to treat one's body as the tool, the weapon that needs to be cared for.

Asking Jin-Jin to teach them how to fight like him will have the following options:

  • Learn Power - Learn how to deliver a blindingly-fast punch that will stun your enemies.

Through this training, the Champion can learn the Lightning Fist power.


Regular Sex options, although if the Champion is not Male and does not have a Cock, he will decline the Champion's proposition:

  • Get Blown - Have the cute monkey boy give you a blowjob.
  • Fuck Him - Bend Jin-jin over against a wall and fuck his butt!


  • When asking Jin-Jin about his Fighting, if Silly Mode is enabled, he will state that the monks train their bodies to be as hard as iron and their fists to be as swift as a coursing river. This is a reference to the song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from Mulan (1998)