Kaelirra's Tears

From Corruption of Champions II
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Kaelirra's Tears
Author The Observer
Type Consumable
Base Price 1000
Additional Information
Stack Limit 1
Usable No
Combat Usable Yes


The colourless liquid within the flute-necked bottle radiates a pervasive feeling of sadness, as impossible as that ought to be. Golden motes of light pulse within its clear depths, swarming from one side of the glass to another in response to one touching the bottle's featureless surface; otherwise, it looks no different from simple spring water. As one continues to stare through the liquid, one steadily gains a sense of disconnected clarity, as if taking on a new perspective on life, a powerful sense of redemption...

... Either way, it's very possible that this liquid and perhaps even the bottle itself did not originate on Savarra.

Use to revive a downed ally in combat.


Revive a downed party member at 50% HP and Resolve.



  • Kaelirra originates from Savin's D&D series; Sav&D, where Kaelirra is the setting's goddess of trickery. Originally a demon, fathered on the Queen of Demons by the God of Magic, Talion. When the god's greatest champion betrayed his faith, the first thing he did was to trick Kaelirra into going to the Dream (aka the Ways Between) and kill her dad. Talion acknowledged her with his dying breath, causing Kaelirra to realize what she'd done; she cried all of the corruption out of herself holding her dad in her arms as he died, creating Kaelirra's Tears as they fell to earth.