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| creator = [[Author-Savin|Savin]]
| creator = [[Author-Savin|Savin]]
| fullname =  
| fullname = Kasyrra Arellian
| nickname = Kas
| nickname = Kas
| alias = {{spoiler|Sara<br>Katherine}}
| alias = {{spoiler|Sara<br>Katherine}}

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Creator Savin
Full name Kasyrra Arellian
Nickname(s) Kas
Alias Sara
Species Human (formerly)
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Title The Dark Lady
Queen of Uncounted Pleasures
Family Many Imps (offspring)
Aileh and other dragons (adopted daughters)
Faction Demon Cult
Nationality Marethian
Level 20
Health 999
Resolve 586
Strengths Kasyrra has 3 action points

Kasyrra smiles. "[pc.name]. Hmm... Do try and keep your soul, [pc.name]. I'd hate for you to lose it before I come to collect. Though I'm afraid when you wake up, your world will be a very different place."

Kasyrra is the primary antagonist, and the cause of the corruption taking hold in the Frost Marches. Originally a demon in Mareth, she used the events of the first game to steal portal research and force her way into another world. Kasyrra arrived in Savarra during the events of the Tutorial, and assumed control of the Demon Cult. Since then she has been working to refine her portalcraft to corrupt, invade, and conquer countless new worlds — starting with yours. Kasyrra's also taken a particular interest in you, and wants you to get nice and strong for her before she takes your soul.

Your story with Kasyrra can progress along two different paths. If you steadfastly oppose Kasyrra and refuse to surrender to temptation, you end up on the Rivalry path with the demoness. If you do surrender to temptation and lay with the demoness more than once, you and her develop surprising emotions for each other on the Romantic path. By the end of Act One, the two paths diverge with separate endings to the Palace of Ice dungeon.

"And she made me a promise that day... She gave me my first seedling, and promised that I would make more... so many more... with the people of this forest. And the more seeds I planted in my garden, the more it would grow until my lustful perfection stretched from the river to the walls of the village and beyond. And she was to be my queen."

"I was so distraught when you left, like I'd lost my favorite dildo. All but irreconcilable, until my queen finally gave in and comforted me the only way a huge, hung stud can... Oh, Etheryn, you're going to have a niece soon! A big, strong, dominant she-bull that will return our realm to its former glory!"
Queen Alissa

"In the blink of an eye, my devotees were ripped away from me, turned to the idolation of Her directly. The well-organized machine I have spent a decade building up from nothing, indoctrinating and training, is now a disorganized mess. All that She teaches is the mindless search of pleasure. Her commandments are to seek out sex and debauchery with no higher goal. I, too, taught that one's own pleasure was paramount, but I directed it, controlled it. Used their hedonism to guide them towards useful ends. But the Dark Lady? She has undone it all."
Master Tollus


What catches your eye first is that she's red. Not flushed, as you are, not burned by the sun, but rather her flesh is a dark, lustrous crimson like that of a flawless ruby. Black hair falls in loose, shaggy streams well down her back, framing broad shoulders and a face that mixes beauty and strength in equal measure. The woman's hair is parted by a pair of horns, curling up beside her head like those of a prize bull and adorned with links of silver chain and blue gemstones. Beneath them, her ears are long and frilled, like those of some great lizard. Or a dragon. Like her horns, they're adorned with several piercings: gold rings and gem studs clinking together with every step. Full, black lips curl into a smile, drawing your attention to her slitted, faintly-glowing yellow eyes bathed in a black sea of charcoal shadow.

"Well, aren't you a cute little [pc.race]?" she smirks. "I'll take your stunned silence as a 'thank-you, mistress.' Mmm... go ahead, stare a little longer. I absolutely love that look on your face."

As she speaks, the ruby-skinned woman draws a hand down from her shoulders and over the tremendous, impossibly soft and full mounds of her chest. She's endowed more than any woman you've ever seen, each breast easily twice the size of her head, yet they're so yielding that her clawed fingers seem to sink into her flesh and all but disappear in her cleavage. Her nipples are broad, so dark they're almost black, and each pierced with a huge golden ring that she pauses to tug and tease. Milk erupts from her teats when she does: rivulets of creamy white that run down her curvaceous flesh and spill across her fingers.

She moans with pleasure, licking the pearlescent cream off one of her scale-covered digits. Behind her, four massive wings unfurl, stretching out in draconic majesty to a span nearly twice her own height. She's enormous, you realize: superhuman in every way, from her sexual endowments to her bestial adornments.

Somehow, you managed not to see — or convinced yourself you weren't seeing — what lies between her minotaur-like legs. A massive, bestial endowment hangs down well past her knees. Mottled black and dark pink, it's shaped and colored like that of a breeding stallion's, complete with a broad flare as thick around as your palm. A pair of smooth, heavy black balls sway underneath it, each bigger around than your fist and glistening with the moisture of a feminine slit you can just barely glance behind her sack.


When you confront Kasyrra during the Palace of Ice, the game will calculate a relationship score to determine your status with Kasyrra. You need at least two points to be considered Romantic with Kasyrra, or one point to be Lustful and zero to be Hostile. You generally gain points with Kasyrra by fucking her.

Pre-Winter City
Event Effect
Have sex with Kasyrra during the
+1 point
Have sex or Cuddle with Kasyrra
during the Halloween event
+1 point
Have sex with Kasyrra during the
Frostwood encounter
+1 point
Have sex with Kasyrra during the dream
encounter after defeating the Alraune
+1 point

Once you've reached the Palace of Ice, you are soft-locked into your status. Points will no longer affect your classification, but actions such as attacking Kasyrra can affect your stage.

Winter City and post-Winter City
Event Effect
Choose to Attack Her during the
Palace of Ice encounter
-1 stage
Choose to Pick Fight during the
Palace of Ice encounter
-1 stage (can stack with Attack Her)
Tell Kasyrra No Way in the
Dream Palace
=1 stage (setting you to Lustful)
Tell Kasyrra I'm Soulbound in the
Dream Palace
=0 stage (locking you at Hostile permanently
regardless of prior interactions)


First Encounter

"You're awake," she purrs, her cloven hooves clicking loudly on the broken stone. Her voice is husky but strong, flirtatious almost... but carries an edge of mortal danger that sends a shiver down your spine. "Finally! Count yourself lucky that I arrived when I did, little boy/girl. I shielded you from the worst of the blast when the portal — and most of this temple — collapsed."

During the Tutorial, you and Cait fight through the Demon Cult to try and keep Calla from being sacrificed to open a portal. You fail, and Kasyrra forces herself through the portal, causing an explosion that destroys the Abandoned Temple and renders Cait unconscious if present. Her presence is overwhelming, leaving you dumbstruck as Kasyrra reflects on the virginal new world ready for her to defile. Then her attention turns to you, and she orders you to orally service her.

  • Refuse: No way! You couldn't... you couldn't do something like that!
  • Suck Off: Your body's going wild with unbidden, unfamiliar pleasures. Magic, desire for the unearthly beauty before you, or your own hidden lusts... you don't know why, but the desire to submit to the demon's will is irresistable.
  • Better Offer

If you have sex with her, she gives you a Blue Gemstone Stud. Regardless of what you choose, Kasyrra leaves you with a dire warning; when you wake up, the world you know will have been changed forever. You then pass out, from the portal explosion, and potentially from your sexual exertion with the demoness.

Halloween Picnic

Written by SomeKindofWizard

She tilts her head curiously at you, tipping the rim of her hat up again. "What’s the matter there, [pc.name]— I mean, uh... stranger? Trick or treat?"

If you're in the Old Forest or Frostwood during Halloween, you can encounter a strange phenomenon. Any companions, if present, will find themselves blocked by an invisible wall.

  • Leave: Yeah, no. Fuck this. You can go around.
  • Explore: You're an adventurer! Now venture forth.

If you Leave, the event ends there. If you choose to Explore, you discover bouquets of flowers and bottles of wine, which you have the choice to take with you or leave. Not long after that, you just happen to stumble upon a witch who's setting up a picnic. She has red skin, hooves, a draconic tail, and definitely isn't a demon named Kasyrra trying to have a picnic with you.

  • Call Bluff: Look, you really aren’t an idiot here.
  • Play Along: This is weird, but sure; treat.

If you Call Bluff, Kasyrra reveals her devious ruse and seems a bit put out. You don't get to enjoy a nice picnic with her, but you are given the option to either Run! or skip straight to the naked part. If you Play Along, you settle in for a chat with 'Sara'. She asks what you do, and you regale her with tales of Kasyrra the Demon, a terrible scourge corrupting the land. Naturally curious, Sara asks what this demon is like. She's never heard of demons before but they sound really cool.

  • Beautiful: Well, that's fair.
  • Powerful: And she certainly scares.

Sara finishes cooking, and the two of you enjoy a lovely meal. Sara talks more about herself, how she learned magic, and her children. You might even be meeting some of her children soon enough. Before too long, the warm food is settling in your belly and you're getting sleepy. But first, Sara suggests that maybe the two of you might enjoy a little intimate time. If you spend the picnic with Sara but don't have sex with her, you wake up afterwards with demonic eyes. If you do have sex with the red witch, you can also grow one inch in penis size, or grow one cup size.

Frostwood Encounter

Upon exiting through the north entrance of the Ruined Wayfort for the first time, Kasyrra surprises you. She's just given birth to a litter of Imps, potentially yours, and orders them to attack you. She's quite surprised if you lose, but reassures you that she's sure you'll be powerful enough to defeat some measly imps before long. Kasyrra then provides running commentary as the imps gangbang you. You're covered in demonic semen from the imps and Kasyrra herself, before she leaves you with an order to get stronger and a Blue Gemstone Stud if you didn't have sex with her in the Tutorial.

If you're victorious over the imps, Kasyrra is delighted. She disperses your companions with some kind of force attack before offering herself to the brave and powerful conqueror of her offspring.

  • No: No demon-fucking for you, thanks.
  • Take Her: Your demonic rival is offering a chance too good to pass up...

Even if you choose Take Her, you have the option to Try To Kill her by surprise. Whatever you choose, she leaves you with the blue gemstone stud if not previously acquired and challenges you to follow her to Winter City.

Dream Encounter

Your skin crawls with the resonance of enormous magical forces, and you suddenly feel a hot gust of wind blow against your back. Spinning around, you see the shapely form of Kasyrra standing just a few steps away. The bright edges of a portal pulse and shift ominously behind her, much like the one which Calla went through. It's all you can make out of your surroundings.

"Look what I made, my champion!" the demoness purrs, grinning. "And I thought to myself: ‘what could possibly be more fitting than visiting the person who made it all possible? Perhaps he/she would be a little interested in what's to come?’" She takes a step towards you, caressing your cheek, her thumb brushing the corner of your mouth.

After defeating the Alraune, you also get a dream visit from Kasyrra. She shows off her cool portal and starts to explain what she's doing in Savarra and why.

  • Fight Her: You're not going to let Kasyrra take this world! Not while you still draw breath!
  • Let's Talk: Have a conversation with Kasyrra, in the safety of... wherever you are.

If you try to Fight Her, Kasyrra magically disarms and strips you with a snap of her fingers. You exchange threats before Kasyrra forces herself on you. As you lose connection to the dream, the demoness dares you to come to Winter City to face you. And yes, before you ask, it is a trap.

If you choose Let's Talk, the two of you have a much more cordial conversation. You can even choose to rest your head on Kasyrra's lap. She talks about why she left her homeworld, what she plans for you and your world, and challenges you to grow stronger, to rise up and challenge her. Specifically in the Winter City where she is right now, waiting for you but it's definitely not a trap. Although, she has another idea for how the two of you can spend some time... if you're up for it.

  • Yes: (repeated several times on screen)
  • No: Wait a minute... (appears once, in the middle of the buttons)

Either you have vigorous dream sex and wake up in a pool of your own bodily fluids, or you wake up in a cold sweat.

Winter City

Kasyrra just laughs. "Ah, enough about my elven cocksocks. Welcome to my winter palace, [pc.name]! Make yourself at home, get a glass of wine, or if that's run out, find an elf to go down on. Alissa's guards have all but become fountains of girl-cum. At least their fallen queen kept your attention long enough for me to finish my creation! At long last: an artificial portal, a battering ram that will pierce the veil between worlds! And it's very nearly time to throw the lever and let forth my legions..."

The Winter City encounter plays out differently depending on your past interactions. If you are Lustful or Hostile towards Kasyrra, you will find yourself on the Rivalry path. If you are Romantic with Kasyrra, you will be on the Romantic path.

You encounter Kas in the Palace of Ice as she's working on her portal and a heavily pregnant Queen Alissa services her. She doesn't have time to entertain you yet, so she sends Alissa to distract you. If you are defeated by Alissa in the following battle it leads to a Bad End, otherwise Kasyrra will dismiss Alissa and you'll be able to interact with her.

  • Greet Her: Now that she's done monologuing, you can take the opportunity to say hello.
  • Attack Her: Enough beating around the bush! It's time to finish this demon bitch once and for all! (will set you on Rivalry path, leads straight to Witness Her)
  • Hug Her: Now that Alissa's out of the picture, get a hug from your big demon lover. (requires being Lustful or Romantic with Kasyrra)
  • Question Her: You have some questions for the affable omnibus...
    • Witness Her: Witness what Kasyrra has been planning since the moment she arrived in the Winter City. There will be no going back from this.
    • Legions: When she says legions...
    • PortalDevice: How the hell has Kas made this infernal thing?
    • Alissa: What did she do to Queen Alissa?
    • Ryn's Cage: Is it really possible Kasyrra could remove Etheryn's chastity cage? (requires Etheryn having confessed about her cage)
    • Why Imps: You saw Kas birth imps outside the Wayfort, and now she says Alissa's womb is full of them too? Why!?

When you're ready, select Witness Her to see what happens when Kasyrra activates the portal.

Rivalry path

If you are Lustful or Hostile with Kasyrra, the portal starts without a problem. Kasyrra warmly greets Aileh as more of her daughters come through to Savarra. Aileh offers to break you for Kasyrra, but she tells her daughter your soul isn't ripe yet. She's cut off by a lightning strike that disables the portal, preventing more of Kasyrra's legions from coming through. Cursing, she orders her daughters to grab the elven nobles lounging around the ballroom and reconvene elsewhere. And then you both hear Queen Alissa giving birth on the roof of the palace. Kas flies up to Alissa and you follow, making your way to the demoness guarding the fallen queen.

  • Wait: You know damn well you aren't ready to pick a fight with Kasyrra. Let Alissa's birth play out in peace.
  • Pick Fight: You have a chance to plant your blade in Kas and depose the queen all at once! You can't pass it up!

If you Pick Fight with Kasyrra, you will almost certainly lose (see Combat). Regardless of the result (or if you choose Next), you witness Queen Alissa giving birth to imps much to her confusion and horror. She loses her soul mid-orgasm, causing Kasyrra to tsk as Queen Alissa turns into a demon. With a dismissive comment, Kasyrra flies off with the resultant imps and her dragon daughters, leaving you to deal with demon Alissa.

Romantic path

If you are Romantic with Kasyrra, Aileh makes it through the portal but she and her fellow dragons are being pursued by the Abyssal Thing. It consumes Kasyrra's legions and the elven nobles in the area, forcing you to team up with Kasyrra to do battle with the Abyssal Thing and waves of Corrupt Spawn. The Abyssal Thing is invincible, but if you survive five rounds you're counted as winning the battle. The two of you are outmatched and on the verge of defeat when the monster is knocked back by a blinding flash of sunlight.

Lumia appears, and declares that Kasyrra has gone too far this time and she'll deal with her later. In the meantime, Lumia does battle with the Abyssal Thing far above the city as you and Kasyrra battle the remaining Corrupt Spawn. There's a Bad End if you lose this battle, but Kasyrra is strong enough that the only way to not win is to Surrender the first chance you get.

If you're victorious, you and Kasyrra stand over the wreckage of the portal machine. All of Kasyrra's dragon daughters were consumed by the Abyssal Thing except for Aileh, and Kasyrra is looking to escape and regroup. You grab her arm as she goes to fly away, and she concedes that maybe she can spend a little time with her favourite champion before Lumia returns to smite her.

  • Make Love
  • Just A Hug: Considering what's just happened, you'll suffice with a hug.

Whichever option you choose, Queen Alissa will start to give birth as you're finished. You head out after Kas to witness Alissa give birth to imps and lose her soul in the process. Before she leaves, Kasyrra does something magical to your Waystone Charm. Aileh recognises the charm with some surprise but doesn't say what it is. Kasyrra promises that with what she did to the charm, you will be able to visit her Dream Palace in the Ways Between. She blows you a kiss as she departs with Aileh, and you're left with the newly demonic Alissa.

Dream Palace

"My most precious gift to you," she whispers, drawing close and returning it to your hand as Alissa ejaculates a third... and then a fourth... imp. "Wear this in the Ways Between, and look to the east of the little hamlet where we first met. There you'll find my palace in the realm of dreams, and you can continue where we left off..."

If you're Romantic with Kasyrra, during the events in the Winter City she invites you to visit her in her base in the Ways Between. When you travel there you find a grand palace, open and awaiting you as long as you're on good terms with the demoness. You leave any companions accompanying you behind and enter. Kasyrra greets you warmly and offers to prepare tea and cookies.

  • Sure: Well this is a change of pace. Let's see where it goes...
  • Sex First: You're interested in milk more than cookies.

Once you're acquainted, you can visit Kasyrra in her Dream Palace. Any time you enter, there is a 70% chance she will be present, otherwise she's presumably busy elsewhere in the Marches. There is a lot of lore you can discuss with Kasyrra here — learning about her Marethian backstory, soul lore, her plans for your soul, and you can warn her that Master Tollus may not be completely on the level. She's shocked.

  • Sex
  • Cuddle
    • Need Milk: You can't get to sleep without your milk and nookie. (+1 corruption, +3 thickness)
    • Need Snuggles: You just want to snuggle up to Kas's pillowy thighs and rest.
  • Just Talk: Sit awhile and chat.
    • Her Story: So what's the story behind the queen?
    • Her Goals: So what exactly is Kas's plan? (special response after completing Temple of Sin, see Post-Divine Intervention)
    • Demons?: So what's the deal with demons — what makes creatures like Kas tick?
    • Aileh?: What can Kas tell you about her Dragon Generals — and their leader, Aileh, in specific?
    • Soul Lore?: So what exactly is Lethicite, anyway? For that matter, what really is a soul if it's not the crux of who you are?
    • The Palace?: This place is incredible. How did Kas come to possess a mansion hidden away INSIDE the Ways Between?
    • Alissa's Soul: Whatever happened to Alissa's soulstone anyway? Does Kas still have it?
    • Cult Loyalty: Considering the documents you've uncovered, Kas should probably watch her back around Tollus. (requires finding Gift For A Queen II)
    • Human Form: So what did Kas look like as a human, anyway? She said she could shapeshift back to it, didn't she? (requires asking about Demons?)
  • Leave: Bid the demon queen adieu.

Divine Intervention

At various points in the game, you will be able to consult with members of The Seven regarding Kasyrra's goals. These unlock special dialogue options here which can have a dramatic impact on your relationship with the demon queen. Presently the only event which unlocks these dialogues is the Temple of Sin, though more are likely to be added.

  • Her Goals: So what exactly is Kas's plan? (special response after completing Temple of Sin, leads to follow up choice)
    • All For It!: Having a child with Kas is worth your soul. You'll be the best — and first — demon parents, together. (+10 corruption)
    • Hesitant...: Having a kid with Kas is great and all, but losing your soul for it? Becoming a demon? It's all a little much...
    • No Way!: You'll never surrender your soul to Kasyrra, no matter how much you may enjoy your lurid relationship. (reduces relationship to Lustful)
    • I'm Soulbound: Kas's plan has something of a wrinkle in it: you don't actually have your soul anymore. She's going to have a hard time taking it from your patron deity. (locks relationship at Hostile)
  • Redemption: Has Kas ever considered if, perhaps, it's possible to restore a creature's soul to its body — to reverse demonhood? (requires completing Temple of Sin, unlocks Redemption)

Midwinter Festivus Ball

Written by The Observer

Ah, of course she would know you, so many people you've bumped into during the party saw you during Ryn's speech, when she named you her champion. You have to ask: do you know her from somewhere? No matter how you turn in over in your head, you can't shake the feeling that you do know this elf, against all sense...

The druidess swirls her wineglass. "Tch. That's because you know me very, very well, my dear [pc.name]."

If you are Romantic with Kasyrra, you encounter a Familiar Elf at the Midwinter Festivus Ball. The blonde druidess remarks how everyone in the palace is talking about how you and the regent defeated the wicked demon who corrupted Queen Alissa, and banished her from the city. It quickly becomes apparent it's Kasyrra. She heard there was a big party and you were going to attend, so she just had to be there. And if you want to keep her from corrupting the poor innocent souls at the ball, well she'll just have to save all her mischief for her champion. Starting with a pinch on the rear as you turn to leave.

As you're talking to Brint or Brienne, you hear someone lamenting to Marae as the local cuisine violently disagrees with them, learning Kasyrra's dire weakness to fermented fish. You can meet her next on the dance floor, the disguised demoness taking the lead and stealing the show with some vigorously applied Marethian dance moves. She talks about how she was trained to dance a long time ago, although she hasn't had much use for it since losing her soul. As the music winds down, she pulls you in for a kiss.

As the night comes to an end, you can choose to spend what's left of it with Kasyrra. She whisks you away to the hedge maze, where the two of you enjoy a steamy rendezvous before tomorrow comes and you have to go back to being 'enemies'. Kasyrra is gone in the morning, but she leaves you with a nice note and a couple of bottles of Red Cow Wine.

Temple of Sin

If you are Romantic with Kasyrra, have had sex with Cait, have built the Temple of Mallach, and have met Amina and Imad, there's a chance of an event proccing at the temple at the start of each day. A Skimpy Cat will appear at the temple, enjoying Amina's performance. You go to say hello, and she congratulates you and Cait on having built the temple... it would be a shame if a nasty demon were to happen to it. And then before you know it, she's on your lap and straddling you.

  • Overpower Her: A mighty paladin can surely defend his/her sacred ground from a demon's machinations... by flipping Kas around and pinning her to the cushions in a flurry of kisses.
  • Surrender: You're no match for this mighty demoness — you have no choice but to submit to her hugs and kisses!

Kasyrra — sorry, Katherine, is here for business and pleasure, but first she needs to wait for nightfall. You have a couple of options on how to spend the time with her.

  • Rent Cait: Having your kitty cleric and fiendish femme fatale in the same bed sounds like an opportunity too good to pass up!
  • Just Cuddle: Just spend the day watching the strippers and snuggling with Kas. Gods know it's a rare enough opportunity that you'd be a fool to pass it up.

Whichever you choose, come nightfall, Kasyrra prowls through the empty temple. She invokes the patron deity, Mallach, who appears with a dismissive shush. An unfriendly conversation follows, as Kasyrra reveals her reason for summoning him — the souls of Mallach's followers that she collected while visiting the Khor'minos Mallachite temple. She wants to see if a god really can restore souls to those who've had them ripped out. Ignoring her question, Mallach asks if you know what Kas wants your soul for.

  • Don't Care: You don't really care what Kas wants your soul for, honestly.
  • Redemption: Kas clearly wants to take your soul for herself... but you have a feeling that what she wants to do with it is implant it in herself. A twisted way to get at redemption, sure, but...
  • For a Child: It seems obvious to you: she needs your soul because a soulless woman can't produce a child — at least not one worthy of Kasyrra's majesty.
  • For Power: Souls are power. It makes sense that if you have a powerful soul, and Kas takes it, she'll become far more powerful than ever before.
  • Her Portal: You saw what Kas is planning back in the Winter City. Clearly she needs your soul for something in relation to her portal device. Its absence is probably what caused the portal to break in the first place.

Kasyrra and Mallach comment on your choice, with Mallach suggesting you might be a bit naive with some of the options. He takes the souls and leaves, and you and Kas casually desecrate Mallach's temple one more time before she departs into the night.

Defending Khor'minos

If you're Romantic with Kasyrra, she makes a quick appearance if you fall to the Blood Knight and her subordinates during The Siege of Khor'minos. The demon queen fusses over you, insisting you need to be more careful and not blindly charge into situations you're not able to handle. This naturally leads to surprise and annoyance from the other demons present, who were under the impression that you were their enemy. Kasyrra exacts her 'punishment' against you for interfering with her plans, though she's careful not to hurt you after you've been bruised and beaten.

Bad Ends

Kasyrra makes guest appearances in several Bad Ends, including losing to the Alraune, losing during Getting Into The Closet, losing to the Spectral Smith, and losing to Jyrranaz. So this section will focus on ends where she is involved in the primary encounter.

If you choose One More after sucking Kasyrra off in the Frostwood, she will recognise that you've been broken in. She keeps fucking your face until your soul is removed from your body and you become a demon. She'll let you suck her cock again, but first you have to follow her to the city of stone.

If you lose to Queen Alissa after Kasyrra sends her to distract you, Kas will be disappointed in your ineptitude but give you a choice - serve her, or be thrown through the portal to an unknown fate.

  • LickAsshole: Get up close and personal with the demoness' rear end.
  • SuckBalls: Those big, black orbs of hers are at least a little enticing...
  • Refuse: You'll never give in.

If you decide to serve her, the portal opening goes perfectly and Kasyrra has you serve Aileh and another two of her dragon-daughters. She then affixes you to her penis and flies away, showing your underslung form off to the shocked residence of Winter City. If you refuse, she throws you through the portal, where you find yourself trapped in one of several possible Marethian bad ends.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Perks
Attack Power: 279.0 Spellpower: 448.0
Sexiness: 100.0 Temptation: 93.0
Armor: 128.0 Physical Resist: 93.0
Warding: 118.0 Magic Resist: 100.0
Focus: 105.0 Mental Resist: 100.0
Evasion: 100.0 Blight Resist: 75.0
Fire Resist: 33.0 Holy Resist: -100.0
Tease Resist: 83.0 Drug Resist: 50.0
Pheromone Resist: 50.0 Fatigue Resist: 50.0
Mind Resist: 50.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses

stealable - [+]


Sex scenes with Kasyrra will tend to have corruption gain, and the potential for Kasyrra to use her magic to transform you.

When you meet her in the Tutorial, you have the following options if you don't Refuse her.

  • Suck Off: Your body's going wild with unbidden, unfamiliar pleasures. Magic, desire for the unearthly beauty before you, or your own hidden lusts... you don't know why, but the desire to submit to the demon's will is irresistable.
    • Finger Her: Add a little extra to your demonic blowjob, and reach behind Kasyrra's pendulous balls to find what's behind them. (+15 corruption)
    • Offer Ass/Vag: Your mouth clearly isn't cutting it. Maybe if you bend over, the demoness could take care of her own lusts with your body.
      • Nod: Nod your head — you want the perfect body to be the willful demoness's perfect slut. Who knows what she'll do to you... (+15 corruption, selected orifice gains looseness and wetness, grow D-cup breasts, set femininity to 55 if male)
      • Don't: Refuse her. Even as she's got you bent over and speared on her cock, you aren't just going to let her do whatever she wants with you! '(+15 corruption, selected orifice gains looseness and wetness)
  • Better Offer
    • Offer Ass/Vag: Bend over and let the demoness rail you!
      • Nod: Nod your head — you want the perfect body to be the willful demoness's perfect slut. Who knows what she'll do to you... (+15 corruption, selected orifice gains looseness and wetness, grow D-cup breasts, set femininity to 55 if male)
      • Don't: Refuse her. Even as she's got you bent over and speared on her cock, you aren't just going to let her do whatever she wants with you! (+15 corruption, selected orifice gains looseness and wetness)
    • Fuck Her: Tell Kasyrra that you're the one who's going to get his/her dick wet! (requires penis)
      • Breed: Give the demoness what she wants: fuck her pussy with everything you've got!
        • Get Facial: Just let it happen... (+5 corruption, added feracity, cum multiplier, and ball size)
        • Roll Over: Do your best to roll Kasyrra over, come out on top, and make her cream herself! (+5 corruption, added feracity, cum multiplier, and ball size)
      • Ass Fuck: Oh, no. You've got some better ideas about where to stick your shaft!
        • Kasyrra Suck: Make Kasyrra drink down her own load! (+5 corruption, adds 4 inches to penis size)
        • Bukkake: Give yourself and the demoness a creamy shower! (+5 corruption, adds 4 inches to penis size)

During the Halloween event, you have the following options. All sex options will lead to you developing demonic eyes. In addition you will add 1 inch to penis size if you have a penis, 1 cup to breast size if you have a vagina, or both if you are a hermaphrodite.

  • Cuddle: Turn the tables on her with a lovely cuddle... you could always fuck after. (repeat menu with Cuddle&Sleep added. Scenes give +1 corruption rather than +5 if you Cuddle first.)
    • Cuddle&Sleep: Pass the time in peace. (+1 corruption)
  • Cock Worship: You’ve got a mouth, and hands. (+5 corruption)
  • Rim & Finger: Get really naughty. (+5 corruption)
  • Ride Her: When else might you get the chance? (+5 corruption)
  • Get Ridden: Probably worth the crushing. (+5 corruption, requires penis)

During the Frostwood encounter, you have the following options.

  • Fuck Her: Give this demonic sorceress a good, hard fucking. (requires penis)
    • Suck Her: Switch over to sucking Kasyrra's cock, and get yourself a throat full of demonic spunk. (+15 corruption)
    • Flip Kas: Turn Kas around, shove her up against that tree, and go hog-wild on her behind. (+5 corruption)
  • Ride Her: Kasyrra's dick is as tempting as ever, a majestic pillar of equine might that is just begging for a chance to break your body and mind.
    • Get Plowed: Let Kasyrra put you against the tree and pound your [pc.vagOrAss] like the cocksleeve you are. (+15 corruption)
    • Sit On It: Get Kasyrra on the ground and take her dick. It isn't every day you get to top an evil demon! (+15 corruption)
  • Blow Her: Get your mouth around that thick, jet-black cock of hers. (+5 corruption)
    • No: Not even close. (+5 corruption)
      • One More: You've drunk too much of her to start resisting now. Your mind swims with visions of serving as her cumdump for the rest of your days, knelt between her red thighs and gulping down thick demonic essence (requires 75+ corruption, leads to Bad End)
      • Leave: Drag yourself off Kasyrra's beautiful cock and try to keep all of her delicious spunk down.
    • Yes: Drag yourself off Kasyrra's beautiful cock and try to keep all of her delicious spunk down.

During the dream encounter with Kasyrra after defeating the Alraune, you will end up having sex with Kasyrra if you choose Yes. During the Winter City encounter, you have the following options if you're on the Romantic path with Kasyrra.

  • Ride Her: Sit in Kas's lap and ride that big, fat horsecock while you suck those milky tits.
    • Just Ride Her: You like your dick the size it is, thanks./You've got a dick so massive that even Kas can't ask for more, so go ahead and spray her down while you ride hers./No growing a dick for you thanks. (+5 corruption)
    • Grow Cock: Oh yeah, you definitely want a big/ger dick flopping between your legs while Kas fucks you. What's sexy for her is sexy for you. (+10 corruption, adds to penis size or grows penis, requires no penis or penis <30 inches)
  • Trade Oral: Gods, that immense cock of hers is just beggingto have a succulent pair of lips wrapped around it...
    • Transform Me: Accept Kasyrra's boon — purely for her benefit. Purely for the sake of pleasing her, aesthetically and otherwise... (+10 corruption, adds to lip size)
    • No Thanks: You like your lips just the way they are — modestly wrapped around a demon's thick, pulsing cock. (+5 corruption)
  • Doggystyle: Let your lover bury into the mattress and breed your cunt/asshole.
    • No Thanks: Distract your lover with a nice hard clench. (+5 corruption)
    • Yes: Accept the gift. (+10 corruption, turns existing pussy to equine or grow new equine pussy, turns eyes demonic if not already)
  • Doggy Her: Get that big, juicy red ass turned around so you can slam her demonic cunt. (requires penis)
    • Transform Me: You can always use a bit more size... (+5 corruption, requires real penis <30 inches)
    • No Need: You prefer your cock/s exactly the way they are/exactly the way it is — the perfect size for making a demonic demigod scream your name. (+5 corruption)

Once you have access to the Dream Palace, you can repeat the Winter City sex scenes. The corruption gains have been reduced to +1, Kasyrra can not get you pregnant in these scenes, and if you decline a transformation once Kasyrra will stop offering it.

If you choose to end the Midwinter Festivus Ball with Kasyrra, you have the following options.

  • Ride Cock: Straddle Kas' horsecock and take it all inside of your [pc.vagOrAss]. Show the demoness the meaning of some good old holiday cheer.
  • Service Pussy: Kas appears to have made the mistake of not realizing that boreal elf half-sexed don't have a pussy, but that's all the better for you. Hike up Kas' legs and fill your Festivus present with some traditional holiday cheer./Spread Kas' legs wide and give your Festivus present a thorough tasting.

If you choose to Rent Cait during the Temple of Sin event, you have the following threesomes available. You also fuck Kasyrra afterwards, leading to +1 corruption.

  • Double Blow: Work with Cait to worship at the altar of Kasyrra's cock before she plows you both.
  • Fuck Train: Let Kas ravage Cait's pussy while you take the demoness from behind.

If you're Romantic with Kasyrra and are defeated by the Blood Knight or her subordinates during The Siege of Khor'minos, Kasyrra shows up to perform your 'punishment'.


Kas cuts her eyes to you, tail starting to wag like she's the eager puppy. "I... [pc.name]..." One of the demoness's hands drifts unconsciously to her stomach, pressing in over her blighted womb. "That is... yes. Yes that's exactly it. I need your soul to cure myself of this imp-bearing disease. That is why I have long waited to collect, waited until it's strong enough to-"

As much as Kasyrra wants children, as a demon she can only sire and conceive Imps. Check Kas father pregnancy and Kas mother pregnancy for more information, and standard pregnancy rules apply. If you are pregnant with Kasyrra's offspring, it will come to term rapidly and cause some significant corruption. When you give birth in the The Frost Hound, an event will take place where the resulting imps attack the tavern and try to rape the patrons including your companions.

  • Hide & Watch: Sit back and let the scene unfold before you... (+17 corruption)
  • Stop Imps: Join the patrons in fighting the imps off! (+7 corruption)

If you're above 30 corruption, imp night encounters can begin from here, or be disabled forever if you select Shoo the first time it appears.

If you choose Fuck Her with Kasyrra in the Tutorial, the imps you battle in the Frostwood will be your offspring.

Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

In Her Footsteps is the primary quest of the game, and entails your pursuit of Kasyrra all over the Frost Marches and beyond.

The Siege of Khor'minos

If you're Romantic with Kasyrra and get into trouble with the Blood Knight, Kasyrra will show up to bail you out


If you're Romantic with Kasyrra, you can look into ways to restore and redeem the demon queen... even if she has other plans.


Other Art