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Unlike normal items, key items don't take up inventory space, for they are listed in a separate Key Items section of the Inventory, and these items cannot be dropped. As the name suggests, key items are usually related to quests, dungeons, or have some other significant function. Alchemical reagents are also listed under the Key Items section, however, they fall under a different list.

Item Name Function Description Acquisition Note
Alchemist Kit Allows the Champion to make alchemical infusions while at camp A portable alchemist's set, produced by Ivris. It's simple yet functional, though you wish it was little more light-weight. Usable at any campsite. Purchased from Ivris for 200 EC under the Alchemist Kit option The Alchemy option will become available when the Champion enters their camp
Berwyn's Panties This item has no use as of yet A pair of Berwyn's Panties. Obtained by searching through Mistress Matiha's Tower during events of The Mistress
Blue Gemstone Stud The power of the stone can be unlocked with the help of Lady Evergreen which will start Inheriter of the Idols A small shard of blue crystal, given to you by Kasyrra. It radiates a mysterious power... Given by Kasyrra during the tutorial
Dryad Seeds Planted with Orlaith at her grove A small pile of seeds, not too dissimilar from any other save for the surrounding protective sac. Looks like you could plant it anywhere. Received upon birthing the seed after being knocked up by Orlaith through FuckMyPussy Item is removed upon being planted when visiting Orlaith
Promise Ring Unlocks the Propose option for Kiyoko A simple, nondescript ring of silver and ruby. Present Kiyoko with this, and ask her to marry you. The first step on your path to living happily ever after, as it were. Given by Komari after talking to her about Marriage
Waystone Charm This item allows the activation of the waystones scattered around the Frost Marches which act as Fast Travel points An otherworldly gem given to you by Kasyrra, hanging on a leather thong. Evergreen unlocked its true potential, attuning it to the Waystone Idols scattered across Savarra. Obtained from Lady Evergreen upon meeting her for the first time
Sex Toy-related key items
Buttplug Used to certain scenes under the Masturbate option A weighty metal plug capped with a cute heart-shaped gemstone. Made for your butthole, right where it belongs. Purchased from Svern at Gianna's Caravan Costs 200 EC
Dildo A smooth, warm, stainless metal fuck-stick, ribbed for your pleasure and 100% gargoyle-proof. Costs 150 EC
Magic Anal Beads They even vibrate and pulse! Comes with a nice big jar of lube. Costs 250 EC
Right of Conquest-related key items
Basket of Javelins Used to arm the captured slaves near the Orc Lodge at the Kervus Warcamp during Right of Conquest A basket full of low-quality javelins, given to you by Pavo. They're simple enough that even untrained slaves could fight with them. Obtained from Pavo after opening the gates of the Kervus Warcamp. The Champion must have not freed the slaves yet Item is removed at the end of Right of Conquest
Orc Disguise
Allows a non-orc Champion to move around the Kervus Warcamp without drawing attention Heavy cloaks and leathers, befitting a warrior — or at least a thrall — of the Kervus tribes. Having these on hand should let even a non-orc move freely through the camp. Obtained from Pavo through OralService, Cait, or through combat
Shades of the Past-related key items
Jarl's Medallion To be given to Garth at the successful end of Shades of the Past A lupine jarl's symbol of office. Easily a couple centuries old at this point, this treasure is what Garth asked you to retrieve for him. Obtained by successfully dealing with Jarl Gunvaldsen
Rampart Key Used to unlock the metal-bound door that leads to the second level of Fort Marrok A heavy brass key that's an entire handspan in length. It looks important. Obtained from the barracks in Fort Marrok Item is removed at the end of Shades of the Past
Silver Mirror Requirement to successfully Parley with Jarl Gunvaldsen A small, ornate silver hand mirror. The handle has been fashioned in the shape of a wolfshead, as impractical as that may be. Obtained from the word locked chest in Fort Marrok
Dented Pot Used to possibly serve the hungry ghosts at the great hall of Fort Marrok Looks like it might have been on the fire when everything went down. A hole's been burned out in the bottom. Obtained from the Hearths in Fort Marrok
Tarnished Kettle It might once have held porridge or gruel, but now only contains dust.
Rusty Cauldron Looks like it might have once held enough to feed a garrison.
Blacksmith's New Clothes-related key items
Ragnild's New Clothes A gift for Ragnild, made by Nelia A vividly coloured sundress and adorable lingerie at the peak of feminine fashion, intended for Ragnild. Obtained from Nelia for Ragnild during the events of Blacksmith's New Clothes
Land of Milky Honey-related key items
Honey Core This item has no use as of yet A solid core of crystalized honey, almost like amber. A feeling of corruption radiates from it, making your skin crawl. Clearly this was responsible for the creation of the Honey Goo, and perhaps a large part of the hive's corruption as well... Taken from the Honey Golem during the events of Land of Milky Honey
Honey Key Used alongside the Venom Key to unlock Queen Nyzerrah's chambers A golden key with a sweet aroma about it. Required to gain audience with the queen. Taken from Prince Nyze during the events of Land of Milky Honey Item is removed upon unlocking the queen's chambers
Venom Key Used alongside the Honey Key to unlock Queen Nyzerrah's chambers and is also used to unlock the Locked Door that leads to the armory. A purple key with a distinctive chemical scent to it. Used to secure restricted areas of the hive. Taken from Jyrranaz during the events of Land of Milky Honey
Den of Foxes-related key items
Evergreen's Bountiful Bag To be returned to Lady Evergreen at the end of Den of Foxes Evergreen's bountiful bag, which you retrieved from the foxes. The witch's waiting for you to return this to her. Obtained by successfully dealing with or talking to Komari
Winter City-related key items
Cock Scepter Used to unlock the ass-shaped brass padlock that leads to Queen Alissa A golden scepter shaped unmistakably like a phallus, complete with balls. Reeks of corrupted seed after its long sheathing inside the priestess Elthara's ass. Obtained from Elthara after defeating her at the Winter City Item is removed upon unlocking the padlock
Jael'yn's Cock Ring This item has no use as of yet This enchanted ring grows to fit the wearer and doesn't prevent orgasm, but once put in place the wearer is unable to remove it or get hard unless the command word is spoken. Obtained from Jael'yn after defeating her at the Winter City Although the cock ring can be placed on Jael'yn, the item is not removed nor does it serve any other purpose at the moment
Evelyn-related key items
Maid Costume A costume that makes you look just like a maid, complete with some very appealing stockings. You'll wait until you're with Evelyn before you [if had maid sex with Evelyn:put it on|try it on for the first time]. A custom order purchased from Nelia for 900 EC after talking to Evelyn about Past?
Nice Wine A gift for Evelyn A bottle of Garth's finest wine. You're not sure of the vintage, but the unfamiliar symbol on the bottle looks very fancy indeed. Purchased from Garth for 600 EC after talking to Evelyn about Penis?