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| family = [[Kiyoko]]
| family = [[Kiyoko]]
| spouse =  
| spouse =  
| relatives = Aya<br>Tatsumi<br>Asagiri<br><br>Kasumi<br>other numerous siblings.
| relatives = Aya<br>Tatsumi<br>Asagiri<br>Kasumi<br>other numerous siblings.
| religion = [[Keros|Kerosite]]
| religion = [[Keros|Kerosite]]
| significantother =  
| significantother =  

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Kinu's child bust, by DCLzexon.
Creator The Observer
Full name Kinu Ōtomo (大友 絹)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Child Prodigy
Future Den Mother
Family Kiyoko
Relatives Aya
other numerous siblings.
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country.
Kinu (Kitsune Hime)
Kinu's kitsune hime bust, by DCLzexon.
Occupation Future Den Mother
Administrative Genius
Spouse Nakano (fiancé)
Relatives Komari (grandmother-in-law)
Miko and Mai (cousins-in-law)
Kinu (Young Inari)
Kinu's young inari bust, by Author-Alder.
Occupation Future Den Mother
Agricultural Wonder
Spouse Hitoshi (fiancé)
Relatives Komari (grandmother-in-law)
Miko and Mai (cousins-in-law)

"Noon is the most awful time of day," your daughter declares.

This ought to be good. You're all ears.

"Mm-hm. My tummy gets growly and rumbly, then I feel tired and don't want to do anything but wait for lunch. But then after I've eaten, I feel all nice and full, and don't want to do anything but nap in the sun. Of course, there's always chores to be done around then, so I don't get to do any of that…and then by the time I can go out to play or nap, the feeling's passed."

Kinu is the first of the named floof children that Kiyoko spawns for the Champion, being the firstborn daughter. She appears after Kiyoko's first child has been born, in a little scene where she plays go with both her parents, and afterwards can be found at the hillside crossroads each time the Champion enters the astral plane.

Champions can interact with her once per visit, after which she becomes unavailable until the next time they visit.


You crouch down so you're at eye level with Kinu, and give your fluffy daughter a look-over. She's clothed in much the same way as her mother is — the same foreign yet rather traditional light dress, a yukata, was it? Unlike Kiyoko, who goes for the more graceful, flowing look, Kinu's skirts are much shorter, ending at just below her knees. For a little fox who plays in dirt and climbs trees on a regular basis, this looks to be just about right.

Her clothes are in shades of white and blue to go with her silvery-white hair and fur, and a purple anklet's been looped about her ankle, complete with a small bell. You get the feeling that there's some significance to it — it certainly isn't a bell proper, as there's no clapper within to make it ring; perhaps you should ask Kiyoko about that sometime. Long sleeves and thick hems seem to be her thing, and like her mother, the lot is bound at her waist with a large purple sash, tied into a bow about her back. Looped about Kinu's neck is a collar with yet another bell on it, made from the same material as her anklet; she really likes these things, doesn't she?

When it comes to height, Kinu definitely takes after her mother in that regard. It's not correct to think of her as small — the little kitsune is more fun-sized in that regard, and is determined to prove it with a presence as big as her physical form is small. Besides, Kinu's only roughly seven or eight summers of age, she's got a lot growing left to do. In the meantime, maybe her petite stature will mean that she won't be raiding the peach grove with ease.

Like all of her kind, Kinu has large, fluffy fox ears that sit atop her head, little tufts of fur sprouting haphazardly from within them; this is accompanied by a set of three tails that emerge from just above the waist of her skirts. For someone as young as her to have three is quite promising, and it can't be denied that Kinu is her mother's star pupil, either. Otherwise, though, your daughter appears almost perfectly human, if with a somewhat vulpine cast to her nose, chin, and slitted blue eyes.

"I know I'm very pretty, Papa. Mama tells me that she comes from a line who takes good care of themselves and are exceedingly beautiful, even by kitsune standards. Is that why you chose to be with her?"

Well, you didn't exactly choose to be with her — you happening across Kiyoko was a bit of a surprise, if anything else. But it was a pleasant surprise, no doubt.

Kinu beams, the little kitsune's face lighting up. "One way or another, I'm very glad to have been born."

Oh, of course. You give Kinu's fur a little ruffle, and then stand back up. All in all, for all the smarts she might have, she's a cute, excitable little thing all right.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Since all of Kiyoko's named floof children are intended to reflect some aspect or other of the Champion, Kinu represents the Champion's ability to learn things at a frightful rate — she seems to instinctively grasp any idea or concept she comes across, mastering skills in the blink of an eye. Where Kiyoko has had a very, very long time in captivity on the astral plane to learn what she has, Kinu simply absorbs information at the same breakneck speed the Champion exhibits.

That being said, she's still an eight-year-old child, with the desires and maturity of such; while Kiyoko's generally calm temperament has some hold over her daughter, it's tenuous at times. Raw intelligence doesn't necessarily mean that one makes good decisions — in fact, it can very easily mean that Kinu simply rationalises away her bad choices and childish desires, making things far worse than if she were Garret-level dumb.

In short, astronomical int, single-digit wis.

It's important to note that as Kiyoko's firstborn daughter, Kinu has the potential to be a den mother herself, and will mention as much in her dialogue; her existence is also one of the prerequisites for getting Kiyoko out of the orb.


  • Talk
    • Herself
    • Mother
    • Siblings
    • General
    • Education
  • Pet
    • Pet Ears
    • Pet Tails
    • Pet Tummy
    • Pet Face
  • Play
    • Forest
    • Board Game
    • Story
    • Mother
  • Gift


Important note: This content is partially or completely unimplemented and may change prior to being put in-game.

How you raise your very own fox daughter has important implications as to how she eventually turns out as a young woman. The PC's actions, coupled with how the player has Kinu react to various situations and events, will mould her personality when she eventually leaves the astral plane.

Kinu has a personality score which starts at 1. Actions and decisions made by the player in having the PC interact with Kinu, or directing her actions in events where the player steps into her shoes, can change it positively or negatively, or leave it unaffected. Decisions may not always be immediately apparent in their effects. Upon leaving the orb as a young woman, her final personality score is checked; a negative score will mean Kinu takes on the Kitsune Hime personality; zero or above means she takes on the Young Inari personality.

In addition to determining her personality, players may also choose to influence Kinu's choice of favoured weapon; she will either take to the naginata or hankyu depending on the player's choices in the A Lady's Armaments scene. If the event for some reason has not triggered, she will default to the naginata.

The final effects of your care (or not) on Kinu are summed up thusly:

Attribute Kitsune Hime Young Inari
Dgaf a full.png
Independence Obeys her mother, subscribes to many of her beliefs and attitudes without question. Resentful relationship with her mother. Comes to similar conclusions as Kiyoko does, but through her own lines of reasoning.
Sociability Gregarious. Willing to cooperate with others and not too prideful to ask for help when she truly needs it. Emphatic and easily able to intuit others' thoughts and emotions. Painfully lonely. Strong wilfulness and determination to achieve her opinion results in her being dismissive of others' viewpoints. Prefers the company of the crops of the field to most people.
Music Plays koto. Plays shakuhachi.
Stat Bonuses Bonuses to cunning, presence and agility. Bonuses to strength, toughness and willpower.
Magic Arcane magic emphasising control and mastery. Agriculture-based magic emphasising reciprocity.
Aesthetics Follows her mother's dress style, projects the persona of a man-eating vixen. Openly and aggressively flirtatious. Assertive and confident. Puffy furred jacket and long skirts. Projects a country girl persona. Lies in ambush to ensnare the unwary with her innocent exterior. Deceptively meek, becomes assertive when an opening presents itself.
Consort Choice Brings home a samurai prettyboy bishie (Nakano). Kiyoko approves, Mum-in-Law Komari doesn't. Brings home a thick-bodied salt-of-the-earth reliable guy (Hitoshi). Mum-in-law Komari approves, Kiyoko doesn't.
Recharge Ability 1 Leech Bark Skin
Resting Personality Phlegmatic and reserved. Unfailingly polite. Affectionate and filled with love for living things. Energetic and bubbly. Relaxed. Moralistic.

Weapon Naginata Hankyu
Stat Bonuses Strength and Toughness Cunning and Agility
Recharge Ability 2 Cleave Triple Threat

Event Summaries

Event Personality Aspect Tested Outcomes
The Prodigy (Two Parts) Relationship with Mother
  • Forgive, -2
  • Don't Forgive, +4
Flowers for Kiyoko Elegance versus simple beauty, conformation to social expectations versus independent expression.
  • Pick Lilies, -1
  • Pick Dandelions, +1
Floof Problems Dealing with stress, obedience versus independence.
  • Chastise Her, -1
  • Say Nothing, +1
Food Thief Morality versus mercy.
  • Let Her Go, -1
  • Don't Let Go, +2
I'm so Bloody Pretty Provocative maneating versus subtle beauty.
  • Praise, -2
  • Reproach, +1
Math Independence versus cooperation with others.
  • Work It Out, +1
  • Ask Her Mother, -2
  • Help Her, -1, only if Champion has noble scion, arcanist or scholar backgrounds.
Romance Matters Outlook on love and romance.
  • Yes, -1
  • No, +1
Contagious Happiness Being socially acceptable versus honest expression of one's feelings.
  • Yes, -1
  • No, +1
Decoration Mischievousness, attitude towards gussying up.
  • Eyeshadow, -1
  • Brush, 0
  • Don't play, +1
The Birds Obedience to Mother, honesty versus compassion.
  • Feed, +1
  • Don't Feed, -1
Sweet Potato Immediate, certain gratification versus delayed, uncertain payoff.
  • Eat Them, -1
  • Take Home, +2
The Scarf Obedience to Mother, sentimentality, managing being in authority.
  • Throw Away, -1
  • Mend It, +1
  • Teach Him, +2
Beauty Advice Managing being in authority, reaction to criticism.
  • "You know, despite everything you said, I'm still glad you expressed yourself honestly." +2
  • "You'll never be pretty with that kind of rotten attitude.", -2
  • "I'll have to teach you better discernment myself.", 0


Educational Help


  • Kinu's name means "silk".
  • Only kitsune high nobility -- I.E, being descended from the head or main branch families of the twelve Divine Clans -- can be born with white hair and fur. In Japanese mythology, Zenko foxes who serve Inari are often depicted as possessed of white fur.


Art by Alder
No, she doesn't care.
No, she REALLY doesn't care.
Up to no good, as always.
Her relationship with her mother isn't the best.
Not as innocent as one might appear.

Art by DCLzexon
Official Kitsune Hime.
Face Rubs.

Art by Moira
For the first time in her life, Kinu had lost at shogi to someone who was not her parents. This... was an unwelcome yet instructive sensation.
She was a small fox, and the kit in her belly was big. She'd meant to sit down and take the weight off her feet for a minute or two, but her body had other ideas.