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Author The Observer
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 40
Additional Information
Damage 10 (Penetrating)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 10
Evasion 10
Additional Flags Melee
Version Added 0.2.33


A small dagger-like weapon shaped suspiciously like a garden trowel — you swear you've seen some of the kitsune working in their vegetable gardens with these, although they can't possibly be using actual weapons to do their digging, right?

Like most other kitsune weapons, this one's made of iron instead of bronze, although it's clear that the weapon's soft and meant to be resharpened between uses. This is more a tool that happens to have killing power, as opposed to a weapon which is serviceable as a tool.

Special Effect: On hit, causes the target to Bleed for 2 turns.

Special Effect

A target hit with this weapon will Bleed for 2 turns for 15 base damage, modified by attack power and critical bonuses. Damage over time ignores armor and shield HP.