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Creator Savin
Species Moth
Gender Female
Location Harvest Valley
Level 4
Health 325
Resolve 100

A flamboyant robber with the strength to back up her demands, she stalks the party south of the river and demands payment.


"She's a curvy specimen of her race, with alabaster skin and snow-white cuffs of silky fluff. Dark red eyes fixate on you, and her branching feelers atop her head twitch as you size her up.

A glorious mane surrounds her neck, the only thing approaching modesty on her upper half — she's got her tits out and bouncing with every motion, drawing all eyes to those full knockers. They're easily G-cups, swollen by the creamy bounty trapped inside them. Her broad pink teats, once inverted, are rigid with desire and beading with alabaster. Every time she breathes too deeply, a little more milk drools down her prominent mounds. A small but faintly-glowing amulet is nestled between her tits, flickering every time she bounces in such a way that her boobs part for a moment. The moth is wearing only a set of fingerless gloves and a pair of leather-reinforced breeches; crossing chains of shiny coins and gemstones hang from her belt to dangle between her legs.

She's buzzing about on a set of brilliant pink wings, so delicate and translucent they look like they'd be more at home on a butterfly than a humanoid, and they're so delicate that you can't imagine how they're strong enough to bear her aloft. Especially considering how damn busty this daring thief is." - Player describing Lusina.


Fight - Initiates combat, the only way you're getting out of this with coin purse intact.

Sex - Initiates consensual sex with the moth lady, but costs the player 200 coins as they are robbed while distracted.


Lusina is a powerful opponent due to her Duelist's stance and high evasion, this becomes even more powerful when combined with the obscurement given by smoke bomb.

  • Standard Attack - Belharan Claymore
  • Duelist's Stance - An ability causing an effect of the same name, gives +10 to sexiness, evasion and allows a single opportunity attack per round for each missed attack against her.
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Thunder Strike
  • Crowd Control


  • Titfuck - Shove your cock between those big, succulent breasts of hers! - Requires Cock.
  • Buttfuck - Stick your prick in her butt. - Requires Cock.
  • Ride Face - Play with the moth's tits and make her eat you out!
  • Bov.Sherry(SC) -


Likes: All Cocks, All Breasts.

Stat Value
Armor 35.0
Warding 28.0
Focus 32.0
Evasion 34.0
Physical Resist 11.0
Magic Resist 18.0
Mental Resist 7.0
Fire Resist -150.0


Electrum Coins x120 - 100%

Dagger x1 - sometimes