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| caption = Bust of Magna by [[Author-DCLzexon|DCLzexon]]
| caption = Bust of Magna by [[Author-DCLzexon|DCLzexon]]
| creator = [[Author-The Observer|The Observer]]
| creator = [[Author-The Observer|The Observer]]
| fullname = Magna Hagen
| fullname = Magna Hegan
| nickname =  
| nickname =  
| alias =  
| alias =  

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Magna Bust DCL.png
Bust of Magna by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Full name Magna Hegan
Species Lupine
Gender Female
Occupation Warrior
Family Jarl Gunvaldsen (uncle)
Thyri (aunt)
Relatives Garth (grand nephew)
Garret (grand nephew)
Location Fort Marrok
Level 4
Health 230
Resolve 100
Strengths Magna has 3 action points

We protect what we value. To shield one's crown is to acknowledge the treasure that one's mind is, both on and off the field of battle. And now that that's out of the way, get back to work, you chumps! Playtime's over; the wraiths are going to be here in a couple of days, and we don't want to be caught with our pants down! Uncle wants you in shape, not beaten-down from playing rough with each other!


A big bear of a lupine woman, unarmed save for her claws and teeth. Her thick fur and long hair accentuate her muscular and bulky frame, and she's wearing nothing save for a loincloth and cloth bindings about her hefty chest.

Clearly, she's someone of importance, for the raucous cheering and yipping still as she looks around. Gracefully, she unclasps the fur-lined cloak from about her neck, folding it neatly in her hands, then undoes her leather cuirass and grins at the ensuing wolf whistles. Perhaps six and three quarters feet in height, the monster of a wolfess basks in the adoration of the crowd, with all that she's wearing being a wrestling loincloth and a strip of cloth that struggles to contain her huge bosom.


The Champion will be able to encounter Magna on the second floor of Fort Marrok during the events of Shades of the Past. The Champion will first meet Magna by watching the tournament in the second floor of Fort Marrok during the events of Shades of the Past. The tournament is held to see if anyone can defeat Magna to obtain the right to wear the Helm of Heroes into battle, several groups of lupines attempt to fight her but they are defeated. The Champion may decide to partake in the tournament and fight her.

Should the Champion have brought Garret along with them, he will be compelled to fight her with or without the help of the Champion. If the Champion decides to let Garret handle the fight by himself, he will have dialogue with her, stating on her close resemblance to his mother. Ultimately Garret will lose to Magna to due the lack of training and experience Magna has.

Should the Champion decide to fight Magna and lose, she will applaud them for their effort. However should the Champion win, will laugh on her defeat and will feel refreshed because although she was beaten, she had fought with all her strength of which she has no regrets. The Champion will then be given the Helm complete with a plume in the back — and plonks it in their hands. Magna will then ask the Champion for their name and will disappear into the throng of wolves at training.

If the Champion had fought Magna, regardless of who the victor is, she will ask if the Champion would like to smash after all the lupines watching the tournament have dispersed. If the Champion had brought along Brint, Cait and/or Garret, each of them will have their own opinions on some ghost smashing.



Attack Power: 39 Spellpower: 24
Sexiness: 20 Armor: 36
Physical Resist: 18 Warding: 7
Magic Resist: 7 Focus: 18
Mental Resist: 18 Evasion: 25
Crushing Resist: 75 Fire Resist: -50
Frost Resist: -15 Holy Resist: -100
Penetrating Resist: 75 Storm Resist: -50
Tease Resist: 100 Drug Resist: 100
Pheromone Resist: 100



If the Champion decided to smash with Magna, the following scenes may follow:

  • Dom Ride - Magna's going to pound several kinds of fuck out of you and make you call her mommy.
  • Scissor - Rub cunts with the jarl's niece until the both of you are well and sated.

The option to choose if the Champion has both a cock and vagina while those with only one will proceed directly with the corresponding sex scene.


  • 600 XP
  • 100 EC

Defeating her will also reward the Champion with the Helm of Heroes