Maids of Wayfort

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Maids of Wayfort
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver
Requirements Land of Milky Honey and Wayfort Renovations must be completed
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Wayfort Maids interactions
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Once more her blue eyes burn and twinkle, tail lashing around impatiently. "Loads of those hornets [and little planty girls] wander around looking for something to do, and I say... why not employ them?" She purrs at the word 'employ' as though tasting it. "I'll happily train them into precious little maids, they just need some income, and plenty of pretty dresses."

Once you've completed the initial renovations, more and more people start coming through the Wayfort. Rumie and Jael'yn (if present) are quickly swamped and have an idea to recruit some employees.

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Rumie or Jael'yn after completing Wayfort Renovations [Rumie confesses that the mess hall is missing a little something, and that considering you've got so many cuties wandering around, perhaps they'd like employment as maids?|Jael'yn wants a little more eye-candy buzzing around the Wayfort, and thinks that if you want to elevate yourself from the realms of peasant nobility, you need maids.]

Perhaps the seamstress back in Hawkethorne would be willing to do a bulk order of sexy maid outfits? [Hopefully with a uniform in place, Rumie will be able to teach them the rest.|Jael can figure out the rest, you're sure.]

1 Talk to Nelia about Maids You're going to need a massive 5,000 electrum coins in order to produce enough clothing for all of the hornets [and alraune-effigies] who want to work for you.
2 Pay Up 5,000 EC to Nelia Nelia has assured you that she'll get to work straight away on producing enough maid clothing to outfit a small, adorable army. It just might take a week.
3 Wait a week A week has passed, you should go back to Nelia and collect your dresses for your Wayfort.
4 Collect the maid outfits from Nelia Now that you've got your dress order completed, it's time to deliver them to [Rumie|Jael'yn].
Deliver the maid outfits to Rumie or Jael'yn It's done! Your hornets [and effigies] are all dressed up in adorable maid outfits, doing good work around the Wayfort.


Visit the mess hall in the Wayfort after completing Land of Milky Honey and Wayfort Renovations.



Once you've acquired the quest, talk to Nelia. Once you've given her 5,000 EC, wait a week before returning to her to collect the maid outfits. Then return to Rumie or Jael'yn.

Notable Loot and Rewards

New interactions and events around the Wayfort with the Wayfort Maids