Mushroom Staff

From Corruption of Champions II
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Mushroom Staff
Author BubbleLord
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 450
Additional Information
Damage 20 (Crushing)
15 (Drug)
Damage Type Magical
Spellpower 5
Spell Penetration 5
Evasion 15
Sexiness 10
Additional Flags TwoHand
Version Added 0.3.18


A light-colored wood staff about five feet long, multiple mushroom caps bloom out across its bottom and tip. Each mushroom blends into a beautiful array of colors cast over a thick moss, stretching up its length until meeting a wide-brimmed cap. Tucked just beneath the cap out of sight is a magical focus, perfect for magic users.

Special Effect

Grants the Summon Sporeling power while equipped. There will be a special scene when the staff is equipped for the first time.


Taken from or given by the Mushroom Druidess after defeating her and doing Take Staff / Ask For Staff.