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Busts of Nikol by Author-Moira
Creator B
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Courtesan
Family Southern Minotaur father
Northern Minotaur mother
Two brothers
Location Passion Pasture

"I don’t think we’ve met before." He extends his hand to you in a friendly greeting. "My name is Nikol. I’m a courtesan here at the Passion Pasture – and yes, I am currently available for hire."

Nikol is a courtesan at the Passion Pasture. As the runt of his family, he is unusually small and thin for a minotaur in most regards. Therefore, he pursued interests such as poetry and music growing up. However, there is one particular part of him which is very large for a minotaur, and makes him quite sought after as a courtesan.

"Oh! And of course there's Nikol — just the cutest little button with a bottom — and originally I wasn't sure what to make of him... the sweetest little virgin, but hung like a prize stallion... So I handed him over to Mimi and asked her to 'go easy on him'. Which of course she did! At first... he's very popular with his lady coworkers, but thus far has proven the very image of professionalism, and kept his fraternising off the clock."


Nikol is very short for a minotaur: he only stands maybe a few inches taller than five feet, from sole to scalp. His musculature is thin – not so thin that you’d call him unhealthy, but even compared to a younger minotaur of his size, he’d be seen as lacking.

Being a southern minotaur, he has the face of a bull, including the wider nose; the elongated snout; and a pair of horns on top of his head; but the nose is still thinner than another of his kind; his snout is squashed and petite; and his horns each only stand about two inches long. His body is covered in a very thin, very fine layer of sandy-brown fur, obfuscating his nipples on his chest, and they turn darker brown at and below his wrists and ankles.

Nikol has long, dark-brown hair that’s been tied into a ponytail that reaches nearly all the way down to his actual tail. He has deep blue eyes and the end of his snout is tinged dark-brown, just like his ankles and wrists, and his eyelashes are long and exaggerated – and possibly fake. He has thin, pouty lips, but he wears gloss on them to keep them nice, shiny, and attractive, fighting his eyes for your attention.

He lacks any sort of muscle or definition all across his arms, legs, and torso: he’s practically puny, especially for a minotaur. His shoulders are thin and he has no distinct muscles on his biceps or thighs. But the health of his skin and of his thin fur coat are immaculate: feeling along his body is almost like stroking satin silk. His button-sized nipples are hidden beneath his fur coat, leaving his chest visibly bare, but they’re easy enough to find should you run your hands over his chest.

Despite not having a lot of meat on his body, his thighs are plump, smooth, and soft; it’s carefully-maintained fat instead of muscle, giving him some modestly thick thighs that are a delight to grab. His ass stands high and rounded behind himself, arcing out from either side of his body and giving him a gourd-shaped figure. He has a bull’s tail, but it, like the rest of him, is spindly and thin. The rest of his legs are smooth and thin, all the way down to his toes.

You presume that he has an asshole between his raised, bubbly ass-cheeks, where it belongs.


Standing off to the side and leaning against the far wall is Nikol, enjoying the atmosphere and waiting for someone to hire him for his ‘services.’ Once your eyes fall to his, [he smiles wryly, then crooks his finger at you, inviting you to him – and you aren’t sure if you have it in you to deny him / he smiles and knocks his knees together before sheepishly waving at you, saying hello from across the room like a nervous boy meeting his crush / he relaxes his shoulders and waves a friendly greeting to you, smiling like he’s meeting a good friend].

A consummate professional, Nikol pays attention to what repeat customers ask from him and behaves accordingly. If you keep hiring him for sexual activities where you take the lead, Nikol assumes the role of a blushing submissive, whereas if you have him take the lead he becomes a swaggering dominant over time. As you enter the Passion Pasture, you can see whether Nikol is Dominant, Submissive, or Neutral in how he reacts to seeing you, and it affects yours and his behaviour hiring him and during any of his sex scenes. His dominance score starts at 0, and goes from -4 to 4.

Nikol Dominance
Score Result
-2 or below Nikol is Submissive
-1 to 1 Nikol is Neutral
2 or above Nikol is Dominant


As you approach Nikol, he is friendly but brief, and keeps bringing the conversation back to how he's a working man and available for hire. Can't be fraternising off the clock, after all.

  • Appearance: Get a better look at Nikol’s form and his outfit.
  • Talk: Talk to Nikol and ask for more information on him. He’s not the type of person you had expected in a minotaur brothel.
  • Hire: Nikol doesn’t look too busy. He’s probably available to be hired, if you’re looking for some alone time with a cutie like himself... (costs 60 EC)

Once you've Hired Nikol, he's willing to open up a bit more about his life and how he ended up in this job, as well as a chance encounter with one of his non-runt brothers who visited the brothel. The talk scenes

  • Appearance: Get a better look at Nikol’s form and his outfit.
  • Talk
    • Himself: Ask him a bit about himself. How did he come to work at Passion Pasture? What, if anything, did he do before that?
    • Stories: Nikol probably has more than his fair share of fun stories about his work as an escort in the Passion Pasture. Ask if he has any he’s willing to share.
    • Aspirations: Ask Nikol about what he wanted to be when he was younger, and where he wants to go when he’s older. You doubt someone like him wanted to be an escort all his life.
  • Sex: This is what you hired Nikol for – no sense in drawing things out. Get naked and start doing the deed with Nikol!


There, you’re sitting eye-to-eye with two, full, throbbing feet of pure, unbridled minotaur cock, flanked by a pair of balls the size of oranges. It’s so thick that Nikol would need both of his hands to wrap around it. Every time his heart beats, you watch the blood pump through it to keep it upright, starting at his base and ending with his tip flaring slightly wider.

"Whoa," you say.

Once you've Hired the extremely endowed femboi, you can get to the main event when you're ready. He gets into character, assuming his Dominant, Submissive, or Neutral persona as appropriate. Each sex scene you choose with Nikol affects how he responds in future, making him more inclned to dominance or submission depending on the act.

  • Down On Him: Nikol has a whole lot of cock that’s in need of some attention. [And putting it in your mouth just feels like it’s the right thing to do... / He’s been a good boy lately; giving him a reward wouldn’t spoil him. / If you’re going to suck it, you’d better get started!] (+1 Nikol dominance)
  • Down On You: Honestly, Nikol’s got a pretty face, and you’re certain he’s no stranger to putting that mouth of his to work. [And he’d get to see what it’s like being the one on the bottom for once. / You should know, after all. / Given how hung he is, you wouldn’t be surprised if his tongue sees more action than his dick.] (-1 Nikol dominance)
  • Fuck Him: Sometimes, the best way to work out some pent-up frustrations is to pin down a cute minotaur boy and fuck him like the bull breaker you were always meant to be. (requires penis, -1 Nikol dominance)
  • Ride Him: Sometimes, the best way to work out some pent-up frustrations is to pin down a cute minotaur boy and ride him like the bull tamer you were always meant to be. (-1 Nikol dominance)
  • Get Fucked: Nikol has a cock larger than some people’s legs, and it’s hard as a rock. Bending over and offering yourself to it seems like the next logical step. (+1 Nikol dominance)