One Man's Poison

From Corruption of Champions II
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Leorah would like you to fetch her a measure of wyvern venom for personal use. Unsurprisingly, it may be found on wyverns in the foothills.

This Side Quest is for the shop owner Leorah who will teach the Player Character some bow skills in exchange for a minimum of 1 vial of Wyvern Venom.

To complete this quest, the player must go to the foothills west of Hawkethorne, encounter a Wyvern Girl, and, upon defeating her, choose the Milk Venom option. Then return to Leorah in the Huntress's Shop.

Leorah will teach the Player Character powers like Wyvern Sting and Crowd Control [research if other powers can be learned and whether powers learnt is dependant on class or race].

After completing the quest, Leorah hastily closes the shop, locking the doors and closing the blinds. Shortly after, she can be heard moaning. The Player can choose to try and sneak a peek at what she's doing. If the player chooses yes, they will dismiss their party members and watch Leorah rub herself with the venom and masturbate.

Completing this Side Quest and reading all of her chat options will make Leorah sexable.