River Cultists

From Corruption of Champions II
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A group of Kasirra's cultists, led by a tainted witch, lies in wait on the river crossing in Harvest Valley and attacks anyone attempting to ford the river.



You are attacked when you are in either one of the river crossing tiles and choose Ford River. The group consists of the Tainted Witch, a Cultist Mage and two Cultist Archers.

If you lose the fight, you fail to cross the river, lose 200 EC and gain +5 Corruption (if <75). One of these things happens at random:

  • The witch fucks the Champion with her Girthy Rod until they orgasm, gaping the appropriate orifice.
  • The witch sits on the Champion's face until both orgasm, and the cultists cover the Champion with cum.
  • If the Champion has a penis, the witch rides it.

If you win the fight, you are given the following choices. All sex scenes result in repeatable +5 Corruption gain!

  • Facefuck - Turnaround is fair play; she'd probably do the same to you. Requires a penis; TODO
  • Vaginal - Stuff her until that squishy body looks pregnant. Requires a penis; TODO
  • Gangbang - This woman has a lot to offer, try it all. Your companions will see to her cohort. TODO
  • Leave

After the choice, you are moved to the other river crossing tile.


Defeating the cultists for the first time is rewarded with the Girthy Rod.