Rosebloom Shield

From Corruption of Champions II
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Rosebloom Shield
Author Savin
Type Shield
Slot Offhand
Base Price 800
Additional Information
Armor 10
Evasion 10
Sexiness 10
Bonus Resistances 10 (Physical)
5 (Magic)
-10 (Mental)
Additional Flags Metal
Version Added 0.2.25

"The Rosebloom Shield. Our hive's founder, Queen Lyzzerahn, carried it when she came north. It's said that no one could stand against her for long, for her presence was so overbearing that her enemies would drop their weapons and fall to their knees and worship her like a goddess of battle. (if the Hive was purified: Mother does not fight with a shield, and you have helped our tribe so... I think that you would be a worthy wielder, if you desire it. |else: In mother's current state... I don't think she would object if you took our ancestral shield up to help in our quest to bring her to her senses.


An ancient shield carried north by the legendary queen of the hornets, Lyzzerahn. The bronze shield is engraved with roses and hornets, and it exudes a potent, aphrodisiac aroma all around it. You're not sure if it's been corrupted or if hornet heirloom was always meant to overpower its foes with desire... maybe both. It's hard to concentrate on anything but sexuality while you wield it, but then again, if you choose to strut your stuff, enemies will be affected by pheromones too.

Special Effect: All Tease Damage you deal is converted to Pheromone Damage instead.

Special Effect

All Tease Damage the wielder deals is converted to Pheromone Damage.


Obtained through Take Shield at the third level of the Hornet Hive.