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Senja Bust DCL.png
Bust of Senja by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Senja Evergreen
Species Half-Tanuki
Gender Female
Family Lady Evergreen (mother)
Unnamed Father
Numerous half-sisters
Location Oxana's Mansion

"Heyya," the half-tanuki says, giving you a fang-filled grin. "So you're the Champion, huh? Mom's real excited to have you around. Not often we get an Adventurer around here."

Doesn't sound like she is.

The girl arches an eyebrow. "Hm? Oh, no, don't get me wrong... it's nice to see new people. Just, unlike mom, I actually go into town once in a while. And thanks to you taking care of the Alraune, I can get back to doing so. I try not to be a hermit like mom and my sisters, that's all. So a new face isn't some divine revelation or anything. I don't mean to be rude about it though, sorry. The name's Senja. Nice to meet you."

Senja Evergreen is one of the oldest daughters of Lady Oxana Evergreen and can be found at the inner courtyard of Oxana's Mansion. Unlike her mother and sisters, she likes to go to town for drinks and to buy new clothes such that she picks up a lot of things from the forest and will try to sell it.

When talking about her daughters (if already met Senja), Lady Evergreen will mention that Senja takes after her father with her insatiable wanderlust and sticky fingers. She will also mention that:

"She's a little moody and rebellious these days, but under that act is a real gentle romantic," Evergreen chuckles. "Give her a little attention and she'll melt in your arms."

"Is that encouragement?"

Evergreen's eyes just glint with mischief as she sips her drink.


One of Evergreen's daughters is standing apart from the others, reclining against one of the pillars holding up the second floor and watching her younger sisters play. You can't say she's the oldest of the witch's daughters you've seen, but she's certainly a woman grown. Seeing you glancing her way, she runs a hand through a mop of messy black hair and, perhaps unconsciously, her tail starts swishing against the stone.


First Meeting

The Champion will first meet a Tanuki at the inner courtyard of Oxana's Mansion where she will be reclined against a pillar and watching her younger sisters play. Note that the Champion cannot visit Lady Evergreen's master bedroom without first talking to Senja. If approached, Senja will greet the Champion and introduce herself. She mentions that she picks up a lot of things around the forest and tries to sell them because unlike her mother and sisters, she tries not to be a hermit and also goes to town for drinks and new clothes. She will advertise that if the Champion wants to be a Tanuki like them but doesn't wanna shove more babies into her mom or vice versa, she's got some peaches that ought to do the trick. The option to Take a look will be given which will lead to Senja's Store section.

Subsequent Visits

Senja will always be found that the inner courtyard and upon returning visits to her, she will greet the Champion and if they are a Tanuki; will compliment their appearance or if not; ask if ask if everything's alright and hopes that her mom's not giving them too much hassle. She's got sacks of 'merchandise' lying around should they be interested (Shop).




Item Cost
Fox Berry 25 EC
Baad Clover 50 EC
Carrot Cumpcake 50 EC
Cinderleaf 50 EC
Frostleaf 50 EC
Glitter Dust 50 EC
Grottato 50 EC
Ring Peach 50 EC