Serpent Locket

From Corruption of Champions II
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Serpent Locket
Type Attire
Slot Neck
Base Price 1250
Additional Information
Bonus Resistances 25 (Frost)
Additional Flags Unique
Version Added 0.2.13


An ophidian necklace of blue glass beads, granted to you by the goddess Nareva at the Convocation. While worn, allows you to summon the spirit of Princess Phyria to your side.

Special Effect

Equipping the amulet grants the Summon Phyria power. Having acquired the locket, the next time the Champion sleeps, they will meet the salamander siblings again in their dreams. Once the Champion has met them in their dreams for the second time, they must physically equip the item to meet them again.


Given by Nareva if reached the best possible outcome from the Convocation of Mirrors event (saved both Princess Phyria and Prince Philander).