Sharp Sickle

From Corruption of Champions II
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Sharp Sickle
Author The Observer
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 120
Additional Information
Damage 15 (Penetrating)
15 (Raw)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 10
Armor Penetration 10
Additional Flags Melee
Version Added 0.2.33


A hand sickle — while the simple wood handle and iron blade are unassuming, the point and edge belie its intention for reaping lives, rather than crops. A favorite of the occasional tengu-led nekomata rebellion against kitsune and tanuki dominion in the Old Country's past due to its concealable nature and plausible deniability as a farming implement, the sickle is made to pierce padded cloth and leather with its wicked point. Along with the garden trowel, these later became popularised in stories about those historical periods, especially about a clan of weasel assassins who wielded these.