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  • ===Subsequent Encounters=== Repeat encounters will provide the same options:
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  • ...ding a new CG to go with it! Just have Brienne in party at camp during the night, and interact with her to offer it. (Also by [[Author-Wsan|Wsan]]) *[[Brienne]] can fuck you all night long once you’re close with her, and has a new anal scene as well. (Writt
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  • ...was to be her queen, however, the Alraune never saw her after their first night. When asked if she knows where Kasyrra is, the Alraune admits that she does ===Subsequent Encounters===
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  • ...ent from 0600 to 1900 every day, while Mai is here from 1700 to 0800 every night. The sisters have a four-hour window every day when both of them are presen Like the vast majority of kitsune NPCs and encounters, Miko and Mai will recognise if the player has sold their soul to become on
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  • ===Night Visits=== ...The Champion is given the following options on what to do with their late-night intruder:
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  • *[[Kitsune Camp]] ''(pre-[[Alraune]] defeat, during night, and if helped) *[[Kitsune Camp]] ''(pre-[[Alraune]] defeat, during night, and if helped)
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  • ===Subsequent Encounters=== *Are you sure you're not also part horse? 'Cause I wanna ride you all night long.
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  • a warm place to lay your head and sheathe your cock/fill your pussy at night... I'm your girl! Hretha can handle things day to day around the camp while ===Subsequent Encounters===
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  • ...amine will gossip about are split into 6 topics; people, tronarii, advice, encounters, puns and miscellaneous. Some gossips may involve a companion, which will h |+ style="text-align: center;" | Encounters
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  • On repeat encounters with the Caravan, Svern along with Tamarind will grin and wave at the Champ **'''Moonshine''' - So called because you will wake up in the middle of the night with a black eye.
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  • ===Subsequent Encounters=== level 3 and has beaten Berwyn at least once, the next time the Champion encounters the half-lupine summoner, he will announce that he's not there to fight the
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  • |Etheryn Caravan Gift<br><b>Ask</b> || Has Etheryn in party for repeat encounters with the [[Gianna's Caravan|Caravan of Wonders]] || 25 ...hade of teal. The heat coming out of her pink cock-pillows promises a (day|night) to remember.<br><br><i>"Yours is the best taste, Champion!"</i> Ryn giddil
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  • ...heir dreams. She can be first encountered in the [[Old Forest]] during the night as her walking-house moves through the forest. *Is currently Night (20:00 - 5:59)
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  • Normal encounters with the Cultists will yield: ...Just like the men you fought outside Tollus's temple that blizzard-struck night when this all began, they've got lascivious tattoos all across their faces,
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