Swift Sword

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Swift Sword
Author The Observer
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 700
Additional Information
Damage 45 (Penetrating)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 15
Crit Bonus 10
Armor Penetration 10
Additional Flags Melee
Version Added 0.2.33


This sword is a work of art, no two ways about it. Even though the grip is two handed and the blade is long enough to rival a greatsword's, this weapon feels half as heavy as it ought to be considering its size. Sheathed in a scabbard of lacquered wood, you could easily wield this thing one or two-handed, depending on how you wanted to; there's just enough mass that you'd feel comfortable blocking a blow with it or putting your weight behind a swing.

The material used in this... while it doesn't feel like iron, you're pretty sure this is some kind of iron alloy. Without any meaningful sources of tin in their homeland, the kitsune were forced to work iron instead of bronze, and poor quality ore at that, but even so it's hard to believe such a thing can exist. There's definitely magic involved here somewhere, whether it's in the balance of the weapon or why it's so incredibly light. Just heating the blade evenly must have been an uphill task.

(Silly Mode: Folded one thousand fucking times for max weebery. |else: It seems a shame to actually put this weapon to its intended purpose.)

Special Effect: When this weapon critically strikes, you recover (5% of Max) Resolve.

Special Effect

Striking an enemy with a critical hit will recover 5% of Max Resolve. The critical hit must be a weapon hit from the Swift Sword for the special effect to occur.


  • Purchased from:
    • Kohaku at the Kurokawa Kitsune Den through a special offer at 125% to 250% of the base price (12.5% chance and check only occurs once per day)

Steam Achievements

Folded One Thousand Times

Equipping a Swift Sword is one of the requirements for this achievement.