The Princess Blade

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The Princess Blade
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Kinu
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Paralogue
Location Kiyoko's Home or Kurokawa Kitsune Den
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Your ear swivels towards the screen door to your quarters, wiggles and twitches. At first, you think it's the creaking of one of your storage trunks, the lid being lifted, but when your eyes fix upon where you keep your clothes and other things, there's nothing amiss. Then, it comes again — another faint creak, so soft as to be barely audible, akin to that of pressure being placed on wooden beams or planks. Maybe it's just the building settling, but then you hear something like a bell, a ring of metal against metal. No, that has to be out of the ordinary.

...It's coming from outside, from where your wooden porch is. Is someone there?

While you're out adventuring, the world goes on. A dangerous band of anti-Kitsune zealots with a mysterious benefactor target the Kurokawa Kitsune Den, with your daughter Kinu finding herself their primary target. You can follow her trials through a series of playable adventures from her perspective, triggered by talking to her after fulfilling conditions.

Writer Credit

The Observer


Once Artifice Testing and For Want Of A Nail are completed, an event triggers when you visit Kiyoko's square in Kiyoko's Home. Kinu is restless, unable to sleep due to the feeling that someone is out there.

Your next visit with Kinu, she informs you there was an event in the den, which Komari feels you should know about. When you're ready to begin, you select Story to begin the adventure.


Guest Companions


The adventures in this event take place as stories told from Kinu's perspective. You take control of her as she faces mortal danger, and should you fall in battle when not supposed to, Kinu will stumble over the story details and ask to pick it up again tomorrow. You can retry as many times as you need, but will not be able to progress until you complete it successfully.

This will start a flashback story sequence. You will not be able to save or load your game, or access several game elements while playing as Kinu.

Attack on Kiyoko's Home

Kinu wakes in time to discover that invaders are trying to set her quarters ablaze. You take control to do battle with invaders, labelled ??????. If victorious, Kinu dispatches the enemies and rescues everyone present in the quarters — either Asagiri and her younger siblings, or farm hands, depending on how many children you've had with Kiyoko. She instructs them to head south towards the Old Forest as she completes a sweep of the den.

Kinu encounters more enemies in the crossroads, dealing with them as well. Heading west to Kiyoko's abode, she discovers her mother's possessions ransacked. Aya, if present, is being attacked by invaders. Once they're dealt with, Kinu continues her sweep of the den. To the north, Kinu discovers the shed destroyed, the torii gate compromised, and the fields ablaze. If present, Tatsumi is in the fields doing battle with more invaders.

With the sweep completed, Kinu reunites with everyone rescued and leads them through the southern exit.. There, however, they are surrounded by enemie. The leader introduces himself as Raphael, the Russet Rogue, in the service of Lord Taoth. And he and his helpful associates are here to exterminate some soulless vampiric demons. Kinu can choose to try and Stall him, or Swoon (if Hime Kinu) or Spit (if Inari Kinu). Kinu ends up in single combat against Raphael.

The battle against Raphael is unwinnable, Kinu unable to do damage to the arrogant swordsman. Raphael toys with her, but is interrupted before he can finish Kinu off. Reinforcements from the primary den arrive, alerted by the inert torii gate. Seizing her opportunity, Kinu leads her charges out of the battle and into the waiting arm of her mother.

After the battle, Kinu convalesces under the watchful eyes of Mai, her mother, and her fiancé. The den's denizens lead an investigation into the attack but are unable to apprehend Raphael. However the den is repaired with everyone recovered, at least physically. And that's where the tale ends. You, the champion, have many strong feelings about this event, but Kinu reassures you that she is alright.

Ways Between Ambush

To trigger the next event, you need to see an event at the Kurokawa Kitsune Den torii gate where Miko and Mai comment on an upcoming trip Kinu is taking, and then speak to Komari, who informs you there was another incident. When asked, Kinu says she didn't want to worry you with the events. Nonetheless, you can select Story to once again play as Kinu.

Kinu, Kohaku, and bodyguards are travelling through the Ways Between. Inari Kinu and Kohaku are returning from a native city, while Hime Kinu and Kohaku are returning from The Old Country. However, they are waylaid by the same enemies as in the den, now labelled Taothians. Kinu and Kohaku face an array of Taothians. Should either of them fall, Kinu becomes flustered telling the story and you need to try again tomorrow. Otherwise, the kitsune valiantly hold out, although some of the bodyguards have fallen. And that's when Raphael appears. Kinu orders Kohaku to take the bodyguards and flee while she holds off the Russet Rogue.

Kinu needs to survive five rounds against Raphael to progress the story. Raphael uses a powerful charge up ability, which Kinu needs to interrupt with a basic attack (or Cleave or Triple Threat if available). She can use her ultimate to render Raphael ineffective for a few turns and use consumable items to regenerate health.

If she is successful, Kohaku and the other bodyguards will disappear, escaped through a nearby torii gate. Kinu makes her own departure by using her weapon to break through the circle of Taothians and sprinting away, barely making it through Hawkethorne's Waystone before Raphael catches up with her. There, River escorts her out of town and back to her den in the Old Forest.

This is as far as the storyline goes for now.


Following the events of the attack on Kiyoko's Home, you can approach Kinu to receive a:

Following the events of the Ways Between Ambush, you can approach Kohaku to receive a: