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| [[Blue Egg]] || Masculinize
| [[Blue Egg]] || Masculinize
| [[Ovilixer]] || Increases thickness, butt and hips in males
| [[Pink Egg]] || Feminize
| [[Pink Egg]] || Feminize

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Transformative items are items that transform the Champion or other characters when consumed. These items can be refined with reagents using alchemy to limit the effects to a certain part of the body.

Species transformations

Tranformative Species
Baad Clover Sheepfolk
Bovum Sherry Cowgirl
Brute Beet Orc
Cackle Berry Gnoll (Hyena)
Carrot Cumpcake Taeleer (Rabbit)
Cat's Tongue Berry Catfolk
Cinderleaf Cinderscale Salamander
Fox Berry Foxmorph
Frostleaf Frostscale Salamander
Gold Egg Harpy
Ice Shard Ice fox?
Manticore Nip Manticore
Minoblood Wine Minotaur
Root of Man Human
Wolfsboon Lupine

Body parts and functions

Transformatives that affect body parts and/or functions without being part of some species transformation.

Tranformative Effect
Blue Egg Masculinize
Ovilixer Increases thickness, butt and hips in males
Pink Egg Feminize
Purple Egg Thicken
Tan Egg Skin, Nipples
Virility Booster

List of all transformative items

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