Ugly Duckling

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The ugly duckling quest is the introduction to the character Shar, a flightless harpy who seeks to cure her 'affliction'. The quest revolves around an old tower in the northern Foothills.


"It's a harpy, you can see that much at a glance, but as you draw near you realize she's not the garden variety you've seen flocking all over the foothills. This particular harpy's standing on two long human legs, bare beneath her wool tunic, with smooth pale skin. Her snow-colored wings sprout not from her arms, but from her shoulders, wrapping around her whole body with massive, majestic feathers. "


Upon reaching the delapidated Belharan tower to the north of the foothills, the player happens upon an unusual harpy attempting to gain entry to the ruin. After a quick conversation she reveals that she, unlike the rest of her kin cannot fly. Being told by her sisters that the tower houses a mage of considerable power, she is attempting to gain access in the hopes of curing her 'condition'.

If the player agrees to help, they easily gain access to the grounds. However a magical automaton stands guard and must be fought.

The magical automaton is a fair challenge for low level characters, with multiple party members recommended. Shar takes up the 4th companion slot in this fight, preventing use of other summons.


  • Shar's Death: If the player should be defeated in the fight with the automaton, it will lead to Shar's death and the failure of the quest.
  • Sister's Lies: If the automoton is defeated a jubilant Shar will venture ahead into the tower, becoming disheartened to find that the promised wizard is long since deceased. Despite her sister's lies Shar does not give up hope and set's up home inside the tower.


Once the quest is complete Shar can always be found at the tower where the player can interact with her. She can lay colored eggs for the player if brought Ovilixer.