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Maps Westbank.PNG
Region Frost Marches
Level range 3+
Accessible from Old Forest (during Dog Days)
Neutral Hub No

Westbank is a Logging Camp on the west bank of the river in the Old Forest. Access is available to the camp once the Champion discovers the trail to the camp, however the camp will be closed once the events of Dog Days have concluded. Leorah once said that she built her shop with timbers from the camp with help from some of the best lads and lasses in the Marches.


Out west in the Old Forest, there's a logging camp — Westbank, named such on account of it sitting on the western bank of the river. Not much to look at, really, but pretty important to the town as a whole. The lads there fell the trees of the Old Forest, plant new ones, and work the fallen logs a little before floating them to the sawmill downstream to be turned into planks and beams. To give you a rough estimate, I'd say about half the timbers that now make up Hawkethorne once passed through there, so you can imagine how important it is to keep it up and running. -- Garth

Here it is. Westbank Logging Camp, as Garth explained it, is — or was — the main source of timber for construction in Hawkethorne. The timber used to be carried through the forest back to Hawkethorne via carts, but they've since switched to floating logs downriver, a much easier task. From where you are, you can spy stands of felled trees and new saplings alike in the woods surrounding the camp; the loggers' work appears to have been interrupted midway, and they've never returned to finish the job.


All listed inhabitants here are temporary and will change after the events of Dog Days

  • Hethia and her warg, Norathar
  • Garret - caged up and used as a doggy dildo
  • Ten Loggers - barricaded in the longhouses to the north