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Scholars of the occult who dedicate themselves to the healing and preservation of others, white mages study the magic granted to mortals by the gods long ago. As a white mage, you can use your magic to shield your allies from harm, heal their wounds, and to attune with nature for your defense. Maintaining the willpower to harness and control your magic is critical, but in the dangerous Frost Marches, you'll rely on your toughness and presence more and more to keep your party together. The life of a white mage is one of dedication to your comrades and those you deem worthy of your protection.

Primary Attribute: Willpower

Class Details

Starter Items


  • Level 1: Healer's Hands | Whenever you heal someone via a power you also recover some of your own Health, equal to half your Spellpower score.
  • Level 3: Prayer of Warding | +10 bonus to Ward

Class Affinities

Class Talents

Starting Talents

Level 2 Talents