Whitewood Bow

From Corruption of Champions II
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Whitewood Bow
White Bow
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 450
Additional Information
Damage 45 (Penetrating)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 10
Crit Bonus -10
Armor Penetration 20
Evasion 10
Additional Flags TwoHand
"That's a whitewood bow," Etheryn notes. "Impressive."
You can tell the quality of its make, you suppose, but is there anything special about it? It's rare, you take it?
"The only other one I've seen belonged to my mother. It was a gift from the druids of the Old Wyld to my great-grandmother, back before the Godswar. Most others have been lost or otherwise gone missing..."
Not a big surprise that a druidess would have it, then. Where are the bowstring and arrows?
"It produces them on its own. You'll see if it ever gets turned on us."
Etheryn and the Champion, while spying on Hethia during the events of Dog Days


A slender alabaster-colored bow of Boer'alvar make. Obviously magical in nature, it has no bowstring, nor does it require arrows, and feels slightly cool to the touch.

Special Effect: Allows the use of Frost Arrow.

Special Effect

Grants the Frost Arrow power while equipped.

Additional Information

Once the Champion has cleared Winter City, they have the option to return Hethia's Whitewood Bow to her.


Dropped by Hethia after defeating her in combat during the events of Dog Days.


  • Leorah has a Whitewood Bow with a quiver of blue-feather elvish arrows that hang over the counter at the Huntress's Shop.