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| religion =  
| religion =  
| significant other =  
| significant other =  
| children = 20 Unnamed Children
| children = ~20 Children
| faction = [[Marefolk Village]]
| faction = [[Marefolk Village]]
| nationality =  
| nationality = Savarran
| location = [[Marefolk Village]]
| location = [[Marefolk Village]]

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Creator Gardeford
Species Marefolk
Gender Female
Occupation Magesmith
Family Unnamed Mother
Children ~20 Children
Faction Marefolk Village
Nationality Savarran
Location Marefolk Village

"Ha, as if someone who was merely 'both a smith and an enchanter' could do what I do. I am Zuzaan, the magesmith! I'm sure some southern enchanter could waggle his fingers over your weapon and do all manner of spectacular tricks, but here in the north things require work, and the best work springs from the most... passionate sires,"


Zuzaan strikes an impressive figure, a full 8 feet of amazonian mare. There's no denying the raw strength in her build, with muscle that ripples as she flexes her arms and back. She probably carried her anvil in here by herself. Coal dirt accumulates on her lower arms, seemingly the only place it's able to penetrate whatever magic she uses to protect herself from the heat. A knowing smile appears on her face as she sees you watching, and she turns to give you a better look.

The smith's front is just as impressive. Two quaking GG-cups strain visibly against the sheer silk wrap she wears for a top, each tipped by a dusky nipple.Her stomach looks more like a barrel than a board, but even that is still taut with obvious strength. Beneath the belt her brown hair gives way to the dark chocolate of her sex. Puffy lips that seem to be in a near permanent state of arousal during her work wink constantly to reveal her clit and bright pink insides.


The Champion will find Zuzaan working in her smith's tent at the Marefolk Village. Upon their initial meeting, Zuzaan will introduce herself and ask the Champion if they could assist her with enchanting some bronze spearheads. Due to the recent activities of the centaurs, the marefolk village huntresses go through spears faster than she can keep up, should the Champion do a good enough job, she may be tempted to reward them. The following options will become available:

  • Appearance - Zuzaan is showing off, it would be impolite not to take her all in.
  • Talk - Ask Zuzaan about various things.
    • Hobbies - Ask the forge mistress what she does in her spare time.
    • Leg - Ask how Zuzaan got her scarring.
  • Help - Help Zuzaan out at the forge.

If asked about her hobbies, Zuzann bluntly explains that getting pregnant and dealing with it is her major "hobby" these days, since the contraceptive herbs that Kavi blends interfere with her magic. Since she is such a major contributor to the local nursery, she often helps out over there; a side effect of her constant pregnancies and nursing is that she now needs a daily potion dose to stop lactating constantly. Prior to the mangling of her leg, she also used to love travelling, and mentions having been to Jassira and Bel Carn.

If the Champion was successful in impregnating Zuzaan, when she is about to give birth (about 90% into pregnancy stage), they will get a special scene. When approaching her smith tent, they will notice it to be oddly quiet, with no smoke and noise. The Champion may decide to:

  • Find Zuzaan - Meeting Zuzaan might be a little overwhelming right now, but you're sure you'll be fine. (requires a cock)


Should the Champion decide to assist Zuzaan with her work, she will explain: "As for how it works, hmmm. The best way to describe it would be hammering the overflowing passion of the world into the weapon. The more passionate the wielder, the better the enchantment responds to them,". With that said and done, they Champion may:

  • Eat Out - Eat Zuzaan out while she works her magic.
    • Go Slow
    • Dig In
  • Fuck Her - Fuck Zuzaan from behind while she works the forge. (requires a cock)

If the Champion decided to fuck Zuzaan and when the sexing is done, she will be the first to recover and will ask the Champion if they're gonna clean up after themselves. The Champion may:

  • Nah
  • Eat Out

There will be a variation of scenes when the Champion fucks Zuzaan depending on her pregnancy stage.

If the Champion were to find Zuzaan after finding her smithy to be empty, they will have to diffuse her pregnancy-lust driven state with their cock. Once the sexing is done and the flow of lust dissipates she will remark: "I hope you know I expect another child after this one. I won't have to seduce some witless merchant with a sire like you around the valley,"