Dragon Queen

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The Dragon Queen was the queen of the Grand Tower Kingdom and the primary antagonist behind the royal kidnappings. Committed to protecting the remains of her ancient home, she terrorized kingdoms through the actions of her daughters, avatars born from the remainder of her power. Her final goal was the elimination of all non-draconic creatures in the land.

As the last of her kind, this draconic force of nature seeks to enact a long-awaited plot for revenge.
Creator Gats
Full name Thalattē
Species Dragon
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Title(s) The Tyrian Dragon, Her Dark Majesty, Mother of the Grand Tower Kingdom
Residence Grand Tower Kingdom
Occupation Queen, Princess (Former)
Children Dragon Princess I, Dragon Princess II, Dragon Princess III, Dragon Princess IV, Dragon Princess V
Love 0
Lust 8
Wealth 10
Power 10
Likes Torture, Domination
Dislikes Traitors, Arcanefolk, Towerkin


The dragon queen was a giant purple dragon with a stocky build and five heads. Each head carried several horns and a unique gem upon the forehead. The heads appeared to display five separate personalities split from a singular mind. Golden markings accentuated these faces in a way that resembles both makeup and facial blemishes (freckles, moles, etc.). Her insides also displayed a golden hue.

The dragon queen had five elongated necks speckled with golden markings. With powerful gills, the dragon queen could not only survive in both air and water, but other environments hazardous to humanoids as well. She had large forearms that could balance her weight when bipedal and support her body when assuming a quadrupedal stance. With wings attached to her lower body and a thick finned tail, the dragon queen glided through water with ease. There was only one known report of the dragon queen taking flight.

Though she did not care for clothing, the dragon queen chose to adorn herself with the ancient dressings of her kind, comprised of golden silks and a heavy crown. One of her heads also sported a pair of eyeglasses.


The dragon queen held an inordinate amount of pride for her people, and saw to the reformation of as much of her culture as possible. As a traditionalist, she would teach her daughters the history of her people, and demanded both reverence from her subjects and absolute conformity to the customs of this dead society. Her drive to take revenge for her race was said to have fueled her very existence on this earth.

Her subjects described her as a very protective and lonely being, heartbroken in an irreparable fashion, but still hopeful for the continuation of her species. Only time would tell if this was a misplaced feeling.

Abilities & Powers

The dragon queen was capable of near-every elemental power her daughters could perform. With a great strength, flying ability and six separate breath weapons, she was a prime example of an elder dragon. Unique to her was her midas breath, capable of burning objects into gold. Her aura was one of absolute command and domination, though she seldom needed it with the presence she carried on her own.