Midnight Mansion Kingdom

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The Midnight Mansion lies in INSERT_GEOGRAPHICAL_LOCATION_HERE, known for being the source of the Haunt, and kingdom of Witch Princess.

V4 Witch Sheet.png
Witch Princess's Kingdom Chart
Base Info
Religion Pridellius, God Of Magic
Mount Broomsticks
Delicacy Roast Pumpkin [Sweet]
Exports Bottled Brews [Magic]
Produce Jellied Eyes, Magical Creatures


A dark boreal forest kingdom covered in an accursed aura that taints the flora and fauna of these lands with deathly curse. Once a year, the accursed magic of this land increases seven-fold, imbuing its inhabitants with the desire to terrify and trick the surrounding kingdoms with the power of the Haunt.

As undisputed ruler of the Midnight Mansion Kingdom, Witch Princess often travels around her lands; spreading the Haunt and pranking those who refuse to worship Pridellius.

International Relations

National History


Magic: +6
Haunted: +6


Bubbling Cauldron
A cast iron cauldron used for perfoming long, complex spells with a large variety of components. An essential item for a witch's toolkit, alongisde blacksalts, incense and other herbs.
More powerful cauldrons are inscribed with forbidden phrases of religious worship.
Rarity: 2
Spellcraft: +6
Jellied Eyes
Potent spell ingredients plucked from the magic-filled creatures of the forest. Contrary to popular belief, human parts hold little use to performing witches.
These eyes can also be consumed normally, and have a peppery bite. They can be used to increase one's magic power for a time.
Rarity: 1
Potency: +3
Health: -1
Baby Yaga
A newborn yaga, yet to grow its magical interior. At its adult stage, these creatures often reach the size of a full-grown houses, making for an ideal den once tamed.
Legend tells of a yaga that has grown the size of an entire kingdom, wandering the lands in search of its kind.
Rarity: 4
Utility: +10

Notable Inhabitants

Steiners are a race unique to the Midnight Mansion - not undead, but not necessarily living. These folks are more closely related to golems than zombiefolk, and dislike the comparison to their rotting cousins.
Steiner Scientists
Many Steiners are born with inherent skills in electromancy, and utilize these abilities to grant the kingdom with great leaps in technology.
Electrical Magic: +5
Medical: +10
Diplomacy: -2
Once altered by the Haunt, the cursed humans of the forest are no longer capable of producing young. Instead, cursebred are born.
Cursebred Maids
The cursebred are monstrous beings that emanate a natural aura of fear. They aren't inherently evil, and many attempt normal relationships with outsiders, with mixed results.
Magic: +4
Culinary: +2
Diplomacy: -2
With enough magic, even inanimate objects are capable of sentience within the Midnight Mansion Kingdom. Warlocks are one such example: coagulated blood slimes imbued with the souls of the fiendish undead.
The kingdom relies on these mask-wearing oozes to carry the curse of the Haunt with them where-ever they may go. They are capable of shape-shifting.
Magic: +2
Blood Magic: +2
Dark Magic: +2

Notable Creatures

Contrary to its name, the Night-Terrors are harmless ghouls who feed on the nightmares of sleeping creatures.
One may wake to find this heavy beast upon their bed, but rarely has such a quiet monster been known to cause harm.
Slithering through the forests of the Mightnight Mansion is the spawn of Pridellius himself, the blacksnake of the Haunt.
The bright blue eyes of Pridelliox can grant future-sight to those who survive an encounter with this dark beast.

Old Bonuses

Version 3, Generation 2's Idol System
Pridellius, God of Death & Magic
  • Worshiped: Kingdom gains a plethora of magic schools
  • Renounced: Every night you are cursed to become a werecreature


  • The Midnight Mansion Kingdom was the first of the V4 sheets, introducing the new changes to towergirls, and being the first kingdom to be fully fleshed out.