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The world of Towergirls is host to a multitude of different races; stretching to all corners of the globe. Terrain that one race might find completely inhospitable could be ideal for several others. Because of this, the chances of finding civilization in even the most destitute of places is more common than you might think.

It should be noted that not all of one race might follow their designated princess; humans in particular have several princesses that each lead differing groups of humans, often conflicting on who is the rightful heir and representative of their race as a whole. Other, smaller races might be ruled over by more powerful or localized powers as well.

This page is for sentient races only, or ones that have managed to form a kingdom. If you are looking for the non-sentient or semi-sentient creatures that populate the lands in between kingdoms, check the Fauna page.

The Races

Each link will take you to a page with more in-depth explanations of each race. They will contain a list of all Towergirls and other notable figures who are members of that race.