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The term 'Towergirls' in the context of the Towergirls universe is a colloquial term given to the many princesses captured during the dragon queen's successive attacks on the world. Each kidnapping period is referred to as a generation. Every princess represented either a kingdom respective to their race, or a vassal state of an oppositional faction within a major kingdom.

Generation One

The initial attacks were performed by the youngest of the dragon queen's daughters, coined 'the first dragon princess' by humanity. Seventeen princesses were known to have been taken during this period of time.

The following princesses were recorded to have been seen during the great tower raid:

Amazon Princess - Dragon Princess I - Drider Princess - Dwarf Princess - Dwarf Princess II - Field Princess - Ghost Princess - Goblin Princess - Golem Princess - Harpy Princess - Human Princess - Insect Princess - Knight Princess - Kobold Princess - Mermaid Princess - Mimic Princess - Orc Princess - Skeleton Princess - Slime Princess - Succubus Princess

Generation Two

In a gamble to turn the Grand Tower Kingdom into a superpower, the enigmatic and intelligent dragon princess II, sister of the first dragon princess, kidnapped a new generation of princesses in order to sacrifice them and gain divine power.

Angel Princess - Arcane Princess - Armor Princess - Assassin Princess - Cat Princess - Centaur Princess - Crest Princess - Dawn Elf Princess - Dragon Princess II - Fairy Princess - Frog Princess - Gorgon Princess - Merchant Princess - Monkey Princess - Nomad Princess - Ogre Princess - Pirate Princess - Plant Princess - Witch Princess - Zombie Princess

Generation Three

Commanded by her mother, the third dragon princess has kidnapped princesses from across the globe. To ease their pain, their loved ones were brought with them - but the cost of comfort soon became a race for time against the deep noxious cloud of dragon princess III.

Crystal Princess - Djinn Princess - Dog Princess - Dragon Princess III - Dusk Elf Princess - Eldritch Princess - Faun Princess - Holstaur Princess - Imp Princess - Jester Princess - Lamia Princess - Moth Princess - Mouse Princess - Rabbit Princess - Raider Princess - Sphinx Princess - Sword Princess - Triclops Princess - Vampire Princess - Yeti Princess

Generation Four

The southern kingdoms had fallen under the terrible rule of the fourth dragon princess, forced to sacrifice their daughters to keep their kingdoms from crumbling into ruin. Thanks to the brutish power the dragon princess displayed, the princesses had no need to be kidnapped - they were simply brought before her.

Beetle Princess - Bugbear Princess - Coeurl Princess - Cyclops Princess - Dragon Princess IV - Elephant Princess - Gazer Princess - Giant Princess - Gnoll Princess - Griffin Princess - Halfling Princess - Mantis Princess - Mare Princess - Mushroom Princess - Mystic Princess - Red Cap Princess - Twilight Elf Princess - Unicorn Princess - Unseelie Princess - Werebeast Princess

Generation Five

With the defeat of her sisters, the fifth and final dragon princess saw to it that the dragons would not win without first dispatching the major players of the continent. Across the lands, she brought nineteen other princesses with her, all of which had the power to topple kingdoms with their very existence.

Angler Princess - Cockatrice Princess - Dragon Princess V - Gargoyle Princess - Gnome Princess - Goliath Princess - Human Princess II - Incirrina Princess - Infernal Princess - Kelpie Princess - Manticore Princess - Merrow Princess - Moonborn Princess - Naga Princess - Nixie Princess - Scylla Princess - Selkie Princess - Spriggan Princess - Wisp Princess