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Towergirls is a dedicated universe developed by Gats and expanded by a variety of online contributors. Starting as an online forum game, it has now spawned several media projects. This wiki aims to record information about the Gats-Canonical Universe of Towergirls. This wiki is currently a work in progress, so contributions are welcome.

If you'd like to learn more about the origins of Towergirls, there is an in-wiki article on the subject here. Further articles can be found on 1d4chan and Know Your Meme.


This wiki's rendition of Towergirls takes place on a supercontinent comprised of over one hundred major kingdoms (and thousands of minor kingdoms and factions) in the Third Era. During this time, the world is threatened by the awakening of the Dragon Queen, who seeks to fulfill an ancient oath of vengeance towards the inhabitants of the land. While the truth behind her motives remain unknown, her actions are crystal clear - by sending her daughters to kidnap the many princesses of these kingdoms, chaos has ensued.

Letters pour from the sky as knights of all shapes and sizes are called into action to uncover the towers scattered across the world, and to rescue the princesses trapped inside.



Loyal Knight





Generation One

Canopy Cave Kingdom - Coral Metropolis Kingdom - Frozen Church Kingdom - Glorious Thicket Kingdom - High Forest Kingdom - Ivory Skytop Kingdom - Labyrinthian Mine Kingdom - Long Hive Kingdom - The Band of the Moon - The Endless Fields - Voluminous Maw Kingdom - Wandering Mountain Kingdom

Generation Two

Heavenly Sanctuary Kingdom - Midnight Mansion Kingdom

Generation Three

Everharsh Glacier Kingdom

Generation Four

Hillsward Cottage Kingdom

Generation Five

Fisher Farms


Ruby Towers

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Sapphire Towers

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Emerald Towers

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Onyx Towers

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Diamond Towers

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History & Lore

Timeline of Towergirls

Ongoing Projects & Other Relevant Links

Listed are the current known projects related to Towergirls. Feel free to edit if you are aware of any others.

Video Games

There is one game in full development that take place in the Towergirls universe.

Towergirls: Subtitle Pending, developed by Duke's Team, is a JRPG/Grand Strategy game revolving around the Loyal Knight and his great journey across the continent. (SFW)


There are two Quests that take place in the Towergirls universe. They are independently run and rely on user submissions to develop the narrative.

Towergirls: Chivalry Edition pt. 1 is a quest written and drawn by Eversor. The reader assumes the role of the Ranger Knight to traverse across the kingdom in search of adventure. (SFW) (Last Updated: 22nd February, 2017)

TOWERGIRLS is a quest written and drawn by Gats. The reader follows the adventures of a knight as he gets up to ludicrous shenanigans. (NSFW) (Last Updated: 22nd December, 2016)


The majority of community activity takes place on 4chan's imageboards; particularly /tg/ - Traditional Gaming, /ic/ - Artwork/Critique and /trash/ - Off-Topic. Various CYOAs and other projects are constantly being developed by the members of these active forum threads. There is a Towergirl-specific imageboard on 8ch known as /twgrl/, but much of the activity has since moved back to the original 4chan threads.

The Towergirls Booru contains an extensive gallery of Towergirls-related art collected from various sites. Galleries also exist on Paheal and e621, but contain a smaller degree of content.