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Please feel free to add to this list but please try to avoid double posting by checking the list to see if the issue(s) you're experience is already there. Thank you!

General Information

Letting everyone know Fenoxo has already declared Corruption of Champions a complete game even though it is severely under finish.

If you go to the forums from Fenoxo:s website there are two Modded Corruption of Champions that are still being updated and have added to the game including a possible finish.

So support these modders/writers for there time and devotion to this game that they probably wish to add more but do not have much time on there hands.


  • Example Item


  • Example Item


  • Example Item

Missing Information

  • How does one download the latest version of CoC?

There is a link to the download page on Fen's blog on the home page. It's under the "Corruption of Champions" tab, and above the "You, the Hero" tab.

Alternatively, you can click Here!

Requested Information or Pages

  • Goblin Assassin
  • Infested Hellhound
  • Minotaur Gang
  • Izma's Daughters
  • Hati and Skoll
  • Lynette
  • Black Chitin
  • List of updated flags for the continuation of the modded versions